Gaming the system (planet generation)

Based off several comments that have been made of late by many veteran players and most recently the devs,

This is a comment made by James in the recently locked thread related to a parallel discussion on land/planets/resources:

Understood. But you’re thinking this with only a single Blast world in the universe. Whereas I’m thinking about this knowing that more worlds will automatically spawn based on plot density on the Blast world. (And the ideas for temporary worlds that I’m exploring. Maybe we should turn off regen on then?)

With this knowledge, and taking the words literally with no other information to base this hypothesis on, what would people think of a community event, perhaps on a weekend when many can play or an early evening, where we had grouped of people having hundreds of plots (I know I have alts with probably a few thousand empty plots in total and am sure others do as well as I’m hardly hardcore). We could take everyone out to a specific higher tiered planet and just start mass plotting for the sake of science, in an attempt to force a new planet spawn of higher or equal tier. This would give the larger community more info to work with on what spawns a new planet and how many player resources have to be put in to such an event to generate such an occurrence. The devs have all of this information I’m sure but it’s little know or not publicly available so an event/test like this would go a long way to educate the player base.

This is just an idea, I don’t have the time or energy to invest in such a thing but I’m sure there are others who would enjoy such a task. You could have the folks plotting the map, stargazers keeping an eye on the planets for if/when a planet spawn occurs. You could have folks running around killing all the bads while the plotters plot and the gazers gaze.

This is the kind of community event I’d imagined would be occurring regularly in this game but everyone seems to be gathering/building/selling/shopping instead heh,

Or maybe this whole idea will be disproved in the next hour by someone who already has knowledge of what metrics are needed to force spawn a new planet.

Either way, I look forward to new things to look at in the sky.


Ahahahahaha. Yes.

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For science!


interesting concept. . I wonder how much you have to plot… . 50% ? 75% ? There are over 311,000 plots on a planet

Wow, I was just posting on this little tidbit as well… Encouraging people to use extra plots they have just layin’ around and go make a base on Serp!


I don’t think it’d be a provocation at all. Hell, what if we were under the planet generation totals they had thought we would be at at this stage? We won’t know until we test things out. If we do bad things, they’ll let us know.

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed in the way the dev team communicates, theyre largely open to the way the players play and encourage the pushing of bounds and won’t step in until they feel the need to.


worst case, they ask us to remove the plots and we do it. Not trying to create problems. . As long as we are upfront about what we are doing. Are we sure that if we plot a diamond planet we get another diamond planet? I would think so, but hate to get a t1 for the effort.

I would imagine, it is just Horizontally. and altitude doesnt matter. As once you plot, you reserve all plots in that column/chunk.

knowing this, I would encourage anyone doing this, to build their base high up, over the landscape, and sprawling far horizontally. This would differentiate those participating from others, and keep the landscape (farming areas) largely available to farm.


We have the tools… They’ve created a monster! lol.

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See you just added a new role for this unspecified event, bridge builders. So the plotters can just keep running ahead dropping plots in the sky so as to not reserve any resources below. This idea could use some real fleshing out.

The only issue I see, is that if you only do it to 1 planet, unless it’s the only one of it’s kind, it won’t matter. You’d have to do it to ALL of the planets of the same kind.

So say you wanted more Diamond Planets, you’d have to plot fully on ALL the Diamond Planets for it to go ‘Oh, there aren’t any more diamonds, new planet!’, if you only do it to 1 planet, it will still detect that there is a second one with the resources still.

Yes this is what I envision. Once the planet spawns, then we need an explorer group to warp and start checking it out , rinse repeat.

Release the Kraken, I guess.

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I dunno Jiro, the context was used as “THE blast world”, not all Blast worlds. There is only one Blast world after all

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Maybe we can say James told us to do it to test the planet generation algorithm??

#BlameJames ?


You guys might be a bit too reserved. Your group has a solid machine built in. Use it. That’s what a sandbox is. Abuse, learn, exploit, profit, go bankrupt, start over again. The players will always bring more ideas than a dev team could have ever fathomed in a true sandbox game. I think they enjoy seeing what we come up with the tools they give, more than they enjoy designing the tools to be honest. Especially this specific team.


Also, you could wait a bit. Didn’t the Devs mention that eventually they were going to impliment a system to remove all plots attached to a Beacon at once? Maybe wait till that update hits. Cause it’s already going to be a pain to plot all that land Let alone unplotting it all after the event is over

Well it’s also cause we don’t know HOW it Detects 100% that it needs a new planet.

Does it mean T# planet, Resource Planet, Enviroment Planet?

If everyone gathers on a T6 Blast Diamond Planet, will it just spawn a copy of that planet, or just another T6, with random Enviroment and Random Resources? Or will it be same Resources, Diamond, and random T# and random Enviroment?

it will be a test and until we do it, probably not sure what we will get. . We can hope for a diamond planet.

Removal of plots is a lot of work but waiting on that to be added could mean who knows how long. it might be next week, it might be in a few months. Even if it was next week, imagine how many planets we could generate if this proved successful?

Or the Devs can just, you know, straight up tell us this information. They don’t NEED to hide it.

Well my point before with my original post, was the that you can’t just plot all Planet 1, create planet 2, and then unplot Planet 1 and Plot Planet 2 to create Planet 3.

You’d have to have, lets say 100 people, Plot on Planet 1 to spawn in Planet 2, then STAY THERE and have 100 more people Plot on Planet 2 to create Planet 3.

If you do the first bit, where people just move from 1 to 2 and unplot planet 1, It will detect that Planet 1 is unused and still had space and resources.

So you probably won’t be able to generate more than 1 planet most like, since we have so few players, even if they have a thousand plots each.

I could be wrong, but the way I took it was: If done on THE Blast planet, another blast planet would be generated. So for sure, another Diamond planet (Diamond is the Blast gem) but a clone? I doubt it. New colors/biomes all randomly generated would be my guess, as all worlds are and were generated using the generation algorithm. It just tells the algorithm to make it a Blast planet.

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