Gathering plants & seams: the activity with no XP

Walking around a planet? you gain XP. (requires nothing special)
“Gather” a piece of foliage? you gain XP (requires nothing special beyond a basic totem)
Gathering a piece of sand or dirt? you gain XP (see above)

Running around a planet for hours locating & carefully collecting special plants, fungus, & seams in the wild should definitely give XP too. It even requires :star::star::star::star::star: 5 skill points to be able to do it. And no, it shouldn’t have diminished or lesser returns.

Is there no difference in the code between a wild/naturally generated seam/plant and a placed_seam/plant? To remove the XP from an entire activity that requires an epic skill point because of something a few people were exploiting, isn’t right imo.

A. Differentiate between wild_block_x and placed_block_x. You get XP for gathering wild_block_x.
B. Add a delay. ie: you can gain xx XP every 3 seconds when gathering wild plants/seams. It usually takes a few seconds to move to the next plant and to carefully aim the tool so you don’t accidentally destroy it.

Why should XP only be rewarded when harvested? It doesn’t require anything beyond a basic totem, no epic skill points, etc? This means forging & food crafting are valued more than building & decorating.


I fully agree with your sentiments.


Or plants/seams should have increased Prestige value and/or market value. If they sell for more then the extra coin can be converted to XP

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+1 for this idea.

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While I agree plants should give decent prestige(I don’t know what they give right now), I don’t think coin & prestige value can replace XP gain. There are plenty of (gleam) things that can be used for tons of XP, coin, and prestige.


Dunno what you wrote cause Im lazyass…
So ye more rewarding things towards the gathering epic. +1

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This is still a thing? That’s frustrating to hear. I for sure thought that would be something addressed. There have been some big updates since I came back though so I guess it makes sense.

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Yeap… Me as a Master shoveler 5000 (i think around 10 000 plants/fungus i have gathered… And thats just estimate numbers… Prolly more.

I have waited them To add some trophy system Or something For a reward but nothing :confused:


This was nerfed because it could be used as an exploit for leveling and they haven’t returned it likely because there isn’t a way to quickly fix the issue.

@Jiivita knows more I think , didn’t you report this and that is what resulted in it being corrected? (might be remembering wrong)

I want xp for flower/grass planting and chisel transforming.
Hours of landscaping to make things prettier and thousands of hits to change blocks and no reward :cry:

All those efforts to make the universe beautiful and no chance to level up with that. :sob:


Yup, this was heavily exploitable as you good place the plants in your beacon and then re Harvest them over and over for gobs of experience. I almost never dig plants up so I haven’t tested this, but I think you can still get the exp later by braking them… of course that defeats the purpose of digging them up in the first place.

Awarding experience for digging plants up but then also giving experience for breaking them later kind of sounds like double-dipping… so I can see why they would opt for exp on braking only since digging them up is for cosmetic reasons only… it just sucks for those that use this skill for its ntended purpose.

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It’s surprising they couldn’t, or didn’t want to, use whatever mechanic prevents this exploit on regular blocks rather than blocking XP. Hopefully they can revisit that.

Maybe this is not an easy coding solution, but this would be the most balanced/fair-to-all solution:

If you gather a plant or seam with the epic skill, you get XP. The item is now decor and cannot be harvested/broken regardless of how many times it’s moved/sold/placed.

If you harvest a plant or seam in the wild, you get XP right then.

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That would require having 2 id’s for each plant… and there are only so many id’s to go around. The more id’s used on already exiting stuff the less that are available for new blocks, props, machines, chisel shapes, etc

Are you saying that there are 2 ids for gleam, stone, etc? I thought it was a “placed” flag.

I’ve been pushing for this forever.

Also, frankly if people want to gather plants, place them and whack them all I say let them. It takes ~3 hits to gather most plants. Even if people got XP both for gathering and destroying the same plants, it would definitely be less XP per hour than mining or gleamballing.

There is indeed a placed flag.


I would actually love if this were the case so I could move my gardens and not lose my special p
Gathered plants if I forget to switch to gathering epic or if I have wonky trigger and chop my beautiful plants!


Last I was aware, blocks that are capable of giving extra drops (like growth, corruption, spong, ect) have 2 id’s each. One that is wild and capable of giving those drops, and a “dug up version” that is dropped from the wild version and is incapable of giving extra drops when re harvested. Somewhere in the debugging menu it lists the ID of whatever your looking at…

This is Also bad For Business.

I had plant store Where i had to price my plants based on what they drop… (before exos) Then you gotta see color rarity.

I had some plants/rock colors that were some what rare like boulder ring price 1000c
. Who would buy it? No one… Cause everyone just care what they dropped… I got numerous complaints To my mailbox that i have overpriced things. This is one thing why i stopped keeping my store.