No XP for gathering?


I know this is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but I am not getting any XP collecting stuff using my gatherer epic. I get XP for breaking stuff and for collecting flowers. Just wondering if this is an intended change or an error of some sort? :thinking:


Ooo, I hope that’s a glitch. That would be terrible.


It’s it the patch notes for 229, the very last patch note in fact, gather epic no longer gives xp for gathering, its only awarded for harvesting the item.


Wait, which is which?

And why would they need our gatherer’s primary experience gain?


As i understand it, no xp for using the shovel to pick up intact stuff (using the gathering epic). But you do get points for breaking them open and collecting loot.

It’s like xmas… you can pretend its fun to carry prezzies around, but you only get that full smile when you rip their insides out…


That’s, I’m sorry, really dumb.

No experience for the thing that requires a skill?


Thanks for the reply. @Biv I agree with you. I gather for my shop, not to harvest. So…what is the point in their being an epic for gathering? I don’t gain anything from that, except coin, if and only if anyone buys what I gather. Why not do away with that pointless epic, then, and allow everyone to gather with a shovel? 🤷


Exactly right.


There was actually and exploit using the gather epic and farming epic. You could make an xp farm by planting and replanting. All you had to do is gather trumpets , have a portal which is a exit from another planet then have a bunch of trumpets planted and at the end of the planted trumpets have a portal to the other world. So then using farm and gather epic you get extra xp while collecting trumpets back. Once at the end you’d enter portal to next planet and come back from there and be at the start of the farm. Plant, harvest and do portal again. Having enough trumpets could get you a level almost every 30 mins.


I had no idea that there was such a problem. But, taking the XP from the gathering epic is a really odd fix and unfair to those of us that don’t abuse it. It makes that epic pretty pointless now. I sell my plants, boulders and such, at least if no-one purchased my stuff, I still got some XP which made it worth something. I collect from exo’s which costs me coin, I can’t make that back selling my gathered stock, without a little XP, then it feels redundant. Hey-ho! It is what it is, I guess. :+1:


I agree, that is a problem.

But this is the wrong solution, imo.


Why did no-one tell me about this trumpet hack? :frowning:
But seriously, that’s pretty funny. And just trumpets, not other shrooms?


Couldn’t agree more. Fix the exploit instead of killing off gatherers. They already have little incentive, now you strip progression from them.


oMG the lengths people will go to.

If they couldn’t drop this with the DUG_UP designation all those plants get now it would make sense for them to eliminate the epic with the XP. Gather for coins or exp seems like a valid personal choice.

How long ago was this? I’m actually surprised if DUG_UP didn’t fix it


Geeze. How many things are going to be changed or removed from the game because some people can’t control themselves from exploiting & abusing things? If it was still in alpha or beta, sure, go for it - then report it so they can fix it. Do it on Live = BAN


Because you can do easier things like place a machined titanium block down square chisel it 3 times break it and repeat. There used to people that would macro that and gain crazy xp overnight. But I haven’t seen any of those xp cubes in a long time. Think all the players that were doing that quit because of how boring the game was to them.


I honestly don’t think many knew about it and and the person i heard had done it apparently told devs about it. We still get xp from using gathering epic, we just don’t get it a second time if we replant it and harvest it.

As someone who’s builds have been called exploits I have to say when I say exploit I personally don’t think it’s a bad term. A reasonable argument could be made that it’s pushing the boundaries of the game. Hate bringing up the Minecraft comparison but it applies in this context. Minecraft wouldn’t be close to what it is now if players didn’t push the boundaries or find exploits. They used many of those “exploits” to build further versions. No one ever imagined that redstone has so many possibilities. Keeping that in mind I do realize they also can be bad but like in this instance the problem was taken care of before it came a real problem.

I could be wrong but I think people who look to push the boundaries of the game or if you want to call them exploits I’ll agree you have a reasonable argument, to me they are a credit to games. It’s just another for of creativity.


Where is that music coming from?

If everything is going to be nerfed because someone found a way to (ab)use or bot it, sooner or later i think the grind might actually reach korean MMO level, for the new players at least.


Wasn’t DUG_UP for drops, not xp? I still get xp for placing down a dugup block.


Yeah but you get no drops , and I believe no XP for breaking it again.

Plants also have a DUG_UP state according to my shops stand notification. I think it also affects them showing in the atlas.

EDIT: Also just confirmed 4 pts XP for placing a dug up plant. Followed up to zero XP for harvesting it :frowning:

I didn’t try to re-gather it. Bit of a side track though