Gem Farming

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Hey guys.
Exist anywhere a list where you best farming gems ?

Diamond and saphire i know now… but need the others :smiley:

And the high for farming.

Thank you

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there is some info about sovereigns here


This is an old one so doesn’t have sovereign worlds, but if you click recourses and choose a gem it will tell you altitude and surface depth for each.


You can also join the TNT discord and use the wonderful NixBot to find all the best public sov/perm planets for a specific resource among plenty of other things.

One example


Topaz is on Galan

Topaz is the easiest from all Gems ( only permanent worlds, dont know if any gem is easier on a sovereign world ^^ )

There’s 3 public sovereign worlds better than galan.


more is not always better :wink:
and yes i see that density is higher too

galan is easy access and has great spots, if the other world has nice spots too ? who know’s, I am not and the bot can only say the count and density value and not the how big the spread is

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Though maybe not the BEST, I’ve got some portals straight to hotspots for that are both good and convenient for every type of gem - Paka’s Palace, Alcyon, portal at TNT Alcyon. :slight_smile: I try to keep all of them stocked with 99c atlases, too.

I agree that hotspot size/density - also for low gems, lack of lava - more important than overall count. On that Topaz list, my planet Help Me! is under a couple others I have there… BUT, it has two massive hotspots. I took Olympus as a lone lv 8 biome for it, kept the rest with mostly lower altitude biomes as a collecting world.

Ruby is trickiest, they spawn low, and need land above (alt above something like 60-75 IIRC) but there is also a correlation to surface blocks. I’ve figured out a few biomes that they do really well under, particularly Graveyard.

My best overall advice for profitable gem mining: on Corrosive worlds, mine right along the edge of Amethyst/Emerald hotspots. Amethyst forms under shallow fluid, Emerald deeper, but Emerald spots on their own often pretty bare of other stuff. Amethyst spots on Corrosives do better with Emerald than Amethyst does on Toxic, from what I’ve seen. Both those gems sell for a lot, and if in an Amethyst area, generally get a lot of other good stuff too.


It’s actually less but higher density. Plus I know from experience that Maltooint is better than Galan. Numbers really don’t mean much to be honest. It comes down to the hotspots and how they are.


Updated this one a while back!
New version (has Sovereign Info as well):


Yeah I new about the other one, its just the hew one does not have the altitudes for each resource, that’s why I sent the old one. Maybe update if you can? x x

Oh dang, yeah it does normally but it has recently gotten itself broken.
Cheers for pointing that out, I’ll get it fixed.


Yes, yes. Bookmark that one.

This is now fixed. Resource heights are re-available for all resources (including plants and boulders) with the exception of the liquids as they don’t have height info.

Thanks again for bringing this to my attention :grin: