Gem hammer collection

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I’m bored waiting for the farming update… :smiley:

This took about an hour to make + some 10 minutes of image editing. The original hammer I painted was the Ruby one, all the others are just hue-shifted from the original Ruby, to the closest approximate tone that felt about right.


If that was on a Boundless t-shirt, I’d buy it :wink:


Yeah, I suppose that would look kind of nice. :thinking:

I think it’d need a Boundless logo to look proper for that though – and then that would definitely mean permission required from the devs to use the game’s logo on a fanart product. :slight_smile:


Maybe make the diamond one forged :wink:


I have a spreadshirt account, just saying :smiley:


add lucents :0


Damn Fallon, that would make an awesome hoodie.