Gem locations 1.0?

I don’t know. I got 360 Rubies about the same speed as it took to get 360 diamond. So I think it’s just about where you’re looking.

No, the rubies are far less concentrated. You can see the relative density of deposits on the atlases… Whereas diamonds are all crammed under the mountains, the rubies are scattered in smaller pockets all over the place.

Even if you used the same method with the same consistency in both cases, you’re just going to have to dig more holes in more places to get the same quantity of rubies. My guess would be that you got the diamonds first and improved your technique as you progressed.

No sir/ma’am. Same technique I used with Andoweem back before 1.0

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I really like “Your Highness” but I’ll settle for “bro”, “dude”, “brodude”, or any other permutation incorporating “bro” and/or “dude”.

But it’s still the case that you can see the layout of diamonds vs. rubies on the atlas, and they’re not the same. Even if you’re getting lucky, in the long-term there’s just more distance involved if you want to collect several hundred rubies as opposed to the same quantity of diamonds.

My experience matches that of @Gorillastomp, and everyone else I’ve talked to that’s mined both has had the same complaint.

I found 48 daimonds so far and no rubies. Though i have to say that my prefered method or stripmining i used on Andoween (use daimond hammer, strip 3 by 3 tunnels, fully skilled, so two hits per breaking three blocks) i cant use now due to lack of skill. Its not possible to stripmine efficiently while using iron and gold hammers with 3 to 4 strikes a block. I hope skilling up the cetraforge will net me better hammers to do this efficiently.

If anyone has other tips i will be happy. Right now i stripmine between 10-20 height and use the atlas to find them sparkly things.

The claim seems to be we now have to do bomb mining or wait for forged tools. Not an answer I am fond of.

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Maybe on the tier 6 and 7 planets gems are as abundant as iron on a tier 4 world. Buts since they aren’t in the game yet the midgame (getting your machines powered with coils) is extremely grindy for a solo player.

But i agree. The slow pace of mining is not very fun at all.


Nah. Definitely don’t need to bomb mine. Just gotta be patience. Gotta swing your hammer, Brother.

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This is beautiful!

I just soloed lvl 2 meteor on lvl 4 planet (Delta Cancret) with simple iron slingbow. I got 2 Amethyst, 1 Sapphire, and 1 Ruby. Wasn’t that hard, you just need a cliff over water, for all spitters, and those walking bombs to fall into. Got a dozen or more cuttletrunks, the very basic ones (maybe two dozens), and one that was very though, but positioning pillar or tree, etc. between it and yourself let me kill it relatively easy. Overall… more time efficient than mining on lvl 5 planet for me, even though I have maxed out hammer power.

Just my 2 cents.

EDIT: Also… soloing is more fun and fun… if you catch my drift :wink: than mining, even thou I mined a shitload stones and ores already, and really don’t mind mining (I even played minecraft solo :joy:) .


I’ll second this. It seems to be much more fruitful than mining. Although Solo Meteors gives you random gems, it still was filling my needs much faster than mining

If you need saphires… they just are on Alnitans. Height 110+ just on the mountain side. And since It’s not the first ones I found I though I’ll make a screenshot for proof.

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Sapphire is mostly found in the giant cave networks above 90. So yea, the cliffs are a possible spawn area as well. Same rules apply for Topaz, except it is mostly buried in stone instead of in caves.

What is surfing safari? Lol I must be out of the loop on these planet names.



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Ol’ Bessie is still my fav from those I’ve heard, and i live on a piñata.

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I don’t think gems actually exist. I’ve been on Besevrona (which SUPPOSEDLY has emerald and amathyst) mining high and low for 6 hours now. I’ve found a grand total of…0 gems.

Take a look at Depths of materials?

Amethysts are a bit tricky: they’re at altitude 0-20, but only underneath low surface terrain (80 max)

You may also want to procure an atlas of Besevrona (shameless plug), and one amethyst to place into it, so you can quickly find gem-rich regions

Thank you. I’ve leveled up enough from mining here that I have enough coin to buy a couple gems and atlas them. I’ll try that when I get back to civilization.

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