Gender locked/less races?

Boo on sliders. Seriously. I mean, height and weight, maybe. Oort is NOT Black Desert, guys.


Breast i think?

The thing could easily be done with 4-5 different body types for each gender. And then modifications for thing like skin patterns and facial features.

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I mean yeah if you want to go to extremes…
I wouldn’t be making that, but if someone wants to why shouldn’t they?
In oort a woman’s beard could be the measure of her beauty :stuck_out_tongue:


Well let’s not get carried away with sliders… Try to keep the number under 10 maybe? would that be ok? We want things to be customizable, but not to the point of excess.
I don’t know what that game is but it looks hella complicated.


i love sliders, but i dont think it should be in Oort because of how important size is, since its a voxel game, ever saw the video for the races? the races varies greatly. it would suck to make a char just so big that it couldnt get through a door, and if there is height everybody could make them tiny since there is no autoaim or hardlock but rather skillbased combat. hence creating a smaller hitbox.


Though 4-5 body types for each race might be a little hard on the devs no?

Sure it is easier to make than allowing people 10 different settings for different parts of their bodies? And the body types could probably be somewhat reused.

You aren’t reading my posts. I’m voting against sliders. Almost entirely.

That game is Black Desert, btw, which has by far the most detailed character creator I’ve ever heard of.

Which is my point – we’re not talking about a hyperrealistic superdetailed MMORPG here. We’re talking about a sandbox MMO that’s E for everyone. A 6 year old needs to be able to enjoy the character creation process just as much as a 36 year old.

LittleBigPlanet all the way! Gender-neutral base upon which you can customize the type and color of hair, eyes, skin, clothing, etc, etc…


First i was replying to @Squaremunch. Second you know any kind of of setting in character is basically sliders just visualized in a different way right?

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I would be in favor of a littlebigplanet like system as well.
As I mentioned earlier, it should be all or nothing with gender, and it seems like having any sort of system like that might be too much for the devs to have to do just for character creation. A simple(er) system like that might be just what we need.

well to be fair he’s just saying that he doesn’t think all the things we’re talking about as being custom are needed. A much simpler system might work better and with less work from the devs. Regardless though, we are staying a bit off topic into the character creation side of things. The topic is about races and genders.

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Sorry, I was replying more to Zouls and Squaremunch. :smiley:

What do you mean, everything is sliders? I think of “sliders” as a literal slider GUI that controls a number value within a preset range. And since you can build character models to accommodate any number of sliders, that gives player control over insane little details like jaw width and torso height and pupil diameter. Oort doesn’t need those!

Edit: @Squaremunch, you’re right, my apologies.

I believe that for Oort, gender should be implied by the way the player chooses to build and customize their character, not a binary game option.

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you do realise that races are a thing right?

wait but I NEEEEEED to have my pupils at 5 mm. No more no less. I can’t even play this game if I dont have that!!!
this has been a joke

I think most of the sliders people are talking about are simple things like weight, musclez, height, width of shoulders, with of eye spread, nose depth, and mouth width.

By the way, I made a far more intricately detailed post about character customization based on what you do after your overall shape is chosen.

Post found here.


Well today sliders is much more about micromanaging, but it can just as well be like 10 different forms of noses put in a slider form (Which most of the simpler character customization uses)

Anyway back to genders.

I am honestly in doubt about it.

Let me do some research.

remember that they said there would be 6-ish races.

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As i saw mentioned on reddit the charr actually are very good at challenging the gender stereotypes.

Charr male:

And Female:

Also I have been surfing a bit and found this:

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its really obvious when it is male or female though. if you have played the game atleast. also they have different voices. male and female. which would also be a bigger problem, even if its just huffing and puffing when fighting

Asura is also a good example, the faces are really feminine so you can see it is female, but the body is the same, but hopefully that wouldnt be the same for all of the races.

PS: wanted to show charr creation but i had maxed out my character slots. so i couldnt -.-’