Gender locked/less races?

Are the team planning to make some races either genderlocked or even genderless? looking from the art there seems to be a a different on male and female facial traits and although the body is slightly slimmer there doesnt seem to be much of a physical difference as there are in humans, i know this is animals and fantasy, just pointing it out

Here is what gender i think the characters are:

so. are there plans to make genderlocked/less races? and what are the rest of you peoples feelings on it.


As we are not going to have standard fantasy races are genders really necessary anyway? When it is used it is purely cosmetic anyway, and is mostly symbolized with breast, or feminine look which is quite hard to achieve on a non human-like race.

Also i could just as well see the ones you marked as male as female and the other way around.

It is a good question though.


I would like also some races locked to a gender (or no gender) if it is explained in the lore of the race. For example there could be a race of stone which is born out of crystals which grow in the depth of mountains on a world made of stone and crystaline rivers :wink:


i always liked the baraka from tera, i dont play them, cause i play almost only female races, but i still find them awesome.

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The third race with big eyelashes and a slim body, if that is not a female then its a hell of fabolous male. also no, i dont think making genders for non human races are that hard, they are going to have human traits such as the face, which is clearly shown the race here. but yeah, female forms are usually slender, have a bigger chest and then wider hips and smaller waist (average game) and males are physically bigger and tends to be rather muscular (also average game)

i think skysaga nailed it kinda well (sadly i cant find a picture)

i think having some races without gender or genderlocked is cool, but hopefully not all of them are going to be like that xD


I vote for androgynous races (to clarify: that gender isn’t something you have to choose with a check box, but rather how you create your character). I don’t really think gender is something that you have to define, especially in a sandbox game. There are lots of women that play video games, and also lots of men, and in order to appeal to everyone I think it’s good not to make gender a binary thing. I think it’s also good considering that these are not strictly human races, and as such their evolved versions of gender might not be the same as humans.

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I think that is skin patterns actually. (The fourth one have eylashes though but that could just as well be because it comes from a race of dessert people)

You know like a great part of the male population on earth has?

About the generic female:

(Fun fact only humans have constantly inflated chests)

This physical trait only make sense for mammals as other races lay eggs these races does not look like mammals… The slender waist has developed because it shows the wider hips from earlier, which again only make sense for mammals.

If we are going to have males and females we so much need some races with a third or maybe fourth gender :slight_smile:


Dang. cannot argue that. some of the races are going to be mammals though, i think we have stablished cat and ram to be 2 of the possible races?

gender… is… binary.

how would not defining your gender have anything to do with the game being sandbox.

i can say fair for your point of view, but your arguments are kinda grasping at straws…


I kind of agree with @Zouls, Only characters with minimal humanoid characteristics could be considered non-gender defined. Even most bugs are gender defined, so it gets a little dark-gray saying. “I’m either or.”

And you do not want me to go into detail on further points based on my experience running role play servers in Gmod. When more exotic choices become available, it gives the dev’s ban hammer a whole lot more to do. Trust me, binary is better.


Yeah the mammal races would probably have some more showing female look.

Even human gender is kinda wacky. Reptiles have more differentiation (We are talking some of them only actually need one gender) and insects have gone out a path where a lot of them have at 3+ genders where some of them do not even breed.

Did you know there is a species of primates where there is 3 different variations of the male? Where 1 of these resembles the female.


Actually didnt know, what is the name?

Well I mean If you’re super close minded on the issue it is, but MANY people would disagree. So much of our society is caught up in machismo that we label anything outside the simple male/female idea as “gay” or something along those lines. Mind you I would say that I very solidly think of myself as a male, but that’s not to say other people don’t think they fit into one category or the other. We should all try to be a little more Humanist, and be accepting of others.
This is an important issue for a sandbox game because sandbox games at their heart are about building and surviving- That is a topic that everyone can agree both genders (and everything in-between) enjoy. Which means everyone is the target audience when it comes to gender, and as such we should try to make a game as welcoming to everyone as possible. It’s good to allow people to be whatever they want in a game. Some women want to be seen as men to avoid attention, other like to be seen as women, but don’t exactly want to be that “boobs n hips n hair” stereotype that a single female game model often is (assuming we have humanoid humanoid player models). Lets not forget about women that might actually want to play as that stereotypical model too- they still exist. I myself might want to play as a skinny guy, and not go into that male stereotypical model of big arms and chest, but everyone has their own way. My point is that gender is important to this game because we have a diverse community simply because this game is a sandbox game.
To sum up: Gender should either be non existent, or something that the users create through their character creation.


Ah sorry about that i mixed it up with another animal its the side-blotched lizard.

Or maybe just make a greater variety of races and genders and then make said character customizable enough to move in and out of the stereotype.


This… is not… different… genders!


well if you could move in and out of a stereotype with body shapes, gender isn’t really necessary. You could just have everything controlled by sliders when it comes to body proportions and what’s on it.

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The problem is that especially for mammalian humanoids some things would be more natural feminine traits. For everything else you can basically ignore normal racial stereotypes but mammals would pull through with some similar traits.


- infinitely customizable user-generated skins - two body types


- high customizable costumes on a gender-neutral base form - one body type

I’m all for the LittleBigPlanet approach. Which I started an entire thread about, btw:


well with most races (mammals included) it’s a simple matter of proportions (for which I think sliders would work well) but I suppose boobs (is there a more polite way to say this?) would be like an on/off deal and then have a sliders for size and shape. I think besides that, most traits come down to issues of proportions (correct me if I’m wrong)- things like face shape, eyes/ eyelashes, hair length, torso size/shape, hip proportions etc.
When I’m listing all this out though, It does make sense, for simplicity sake, to make it a selection and then a modification from there. I wouldn’t want character creation to be bogged down with like 500 different options.

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so basically you want to make a bearded lady is what you are saying.

also the rest of us would call it a chest slider.

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