When this game goes live, and they advertise the hell out of it, I hope it continues to fill with people like you guys.


No way! Not harsh at all, you made a good point. I am not easily bothered, I just like to voice my opinion, I really should have just moved on and not said anything about something so simple lol.


Note, that there is no explicit “gender” in the game at all (the game wont ever ask you “do you want to be male or female”), its just that some of the “body shapes” which you can pick and choose from and mix with different faces and head pieces may have a name that implies it being more feminine, but nothing stopping you having a very “effeminate” body piece with a very “masculine” face and “alien” head piece, and to then make your entire body be a lovely toxic green colour.


Good to hear, thanks. :slight_smile:


amazing. I was even going to suggest mixing and matching male dominant or female dominant parts but it sounds like thats already in the works!
My faith in you guys has never wavered!