@SamF Are the female versions going to be in game for 1.0? My wife totally wants to play, but says she is waiting for a cute female to play.


I took freedom to change topic name to more family-friendly.


We are going to have customisable characters for 1.0, including a choice of male or female character. Our existing ‘premade’ characters do include some that are intended to be female(the smaller purple and orange characters that wear a tank top) but more options are coming, don’t worry :slight_smile:

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That is soo awesome. I just upgraded to Wayfarer, and my wife will join, and she now gets her more female bodies to choose from. I explained to her that the smaller ones were female. She didn’t quite agree with me lol.

@jesshyland Out of curiosity , is there still going to be some sort of armor for backers for 1.0?


As I understood smaller ones are females characters =)


Yep, we’re still planning on having an exclusive wearable recipe for backers to craft.


Thanks Jess :slight_smile: Glad to hear it Zina, I’m definitely looking forward to seeing everyone’s customised characters running around Boundless!


How about it not being binary? M/F/3 where 3 could be whatever you’re comfortable with having in the game: Rather not say / Undetermined / Other / etc.

I guess I don’t see a good reason to introduce something that might make part of the player base uncomfortable and, aside from informing role play, really does nothing else for the game. If it’s going to be a binary choice. I don’t see anything wrong with the character creation process as is.


I did push for, and we trialed the idea internally, of a) not referring to any of the body types as being one particular gender and b) having a deliberately androgynous body type option but it was a huge design challenge with our art style.


I can see that but then why label the models at all? I didn’t realise any of the sizes meant a difference as it is now, and unless the addition of gender means some kind of in-game stat difference it seems irrelevant. They don’t seem to have (visible) genitals and they’re not human. Until this thread I’d presumed they were aliens that didn’t have a gender and were just varying body shapes. :slight_smile:

Edit: Now I have to log in to check if I’ve just forgotten and they have genitals. :smiley:


I hope this isn’t going to turn into a debate if people who identify with a gender, like their gender is made to feel bad because they would like a character that represents it. I’m not against or judge against people who identify with gender X, but I will fanatically fight for my right to keep my originals. I’m fine if there is a character implemented that identifies with neither, so that group has something to latch onto.

If there are people who do not want to see genders, because it makes them uncomfortable, then you need RL help coping with feeling uncomfortable that you came from a womb, and that there are wombs in the universe, and that people with a womb, like their womb, and identify with their womb.

The world already accepts and pushes not to judge people who do not want to identify themselves. Which is already a huge debate in many cultures. I feel it is wrong to push the opposite way with reverse sexism, and push to delete gender all together. There is another thread long ago that went this route of pushing against genders, and I made a comment and received 4 angry personal emails for even supporting genders.

I almost quit this game because of it, being how I was instantly hated for standing up for my own gender, which I was born with. That ■■■■ doesn’t belong in a game!


You said you don’t want a debate over it, but with posts like your’s your asking for it.
No need to be so offended or attacking others preemptively.

Best solution is simply a character editor with a diverse set of options, and everyone build what they want.


Well, I guess your right. But it offends me a great deal that my gender which is nameable and does identify with parts and who I am can even be in jeopardy even in a game because having a gender could make others uncomfortable. That’s having reverse sexism shoved in your face.

I 100% agree with that being the best solution.


It’s not you having a gender, it’s there only being “this” or “that” and some don’t feel like belonging to either, or perhaps belong to both. Or many other things 2 choices don’t account for.

I agree this isn’t a place to have a political debate, I was just requesting an additional feature because I see no need to potentially make some people unhappy when it can be avoided.


Removal of specific genders (having androgenous characters) would be more about being accepting to everyone in my opinion. Having no specific boundaries like saying this character is a male allows for people who identify differently, or as non-binary for example, to feel like they are represented in-game, instead of implying that there are male characters for males to identify with, and female characters for females to identify with.

On another note, you obviously shouldn’t have recieved angry emails from anyone, nor should anyone hate you for wanting to represent yourself ingame, but having androgenous models would have just been in order, as I said, to allow everyone to feel represented, even if you do identify on a binary scale of male or female.

These are just my opinions on the matter, not necessarily the motivation behind the development team on this.
However, as far as I can tell by what has been said, androgenous characters aren’t actually being implemented, and I guess we aren’t meant to be debating on this… :roll_eyes:


I 100% agree with you guys. I apologize for being preempted defensive when no one made a comment that should have evoked a thread of emotion from me.

I’ve learned that for the most part everyone in this game is awesome, and it’s a great community. I’m grateful I didn’t quit, my wife is joining me here, and glad to be a backer and part of patch 179 through 20.0. Maybe by then we will be Oortians. :star_struck:


I think understands your passion around it and many agree. The easiest method forward is character models that fit a variety of needs. If that cannot be done in 1.0 because of the existing design, then hopefully the developers will provide a fully functional character customization solution where people can design a character to fit whatever gender and look / feel they want.


It has been accepted. @schasm wasn’t saying they are annoyed about the decision, I think they were talking about the original thread on this topic.
No need to be confrontational.


I got way to into the subject I tend to over think things.


Yeah, we all do, I think my reply may also have been a bit harsh :wink: