Genuine Question to Devs

How much percentage chance does each gum add in the Centraforge? I put SIX Longevity gums on a stack of hammers and got an AoE boon and now they’re all ruined. So many questions about the forge but this one is a really important one because I’d like to actually finally make some decent forged hammers. While writing this I also got an additional Devastating Damage boon and an energy saver on another test hammer with six longevity gums. How many do I need? Ten? Twelve? Sixteen?

Thanks in advance if the devs actually read this and answer. I appreciate any insight. I am extremely frustrated with forging, even after carefully following Jiivita and a couple other tutorials for weeks. It took me a week to actually efficiently use the forge, and now I get a slap in the face by RNG.

I think the current state of the Forge is FAR too RNG-ish. The Forge can make some pretty powerful gear, but the build up to it and gathering all the resources is a huge pain to have RNG just go south on you.

Obviously some of the RNG is good. It’s meant to balance the OP things the Forge /can/ create. However, I feel there could be some tune-ups to make it less of a frustrating mechanic. At least some more transparency with certain values such as how much gums affect the chances of getting certain boons.


100% agreed. Way too much frustrating RNG. Even Minecraft’s Enchanting system is leagues less frustrating.


I’ve done a bit more testing. Maybe you need to incorporate the trait reduction gum otherwise it always has the option to add a random boon. Needs more testing though. Got good results for a first couple runs.

Trait Reduction Gum is definitely nice, but the fact that gum all uses 50 Vigour makes it difficult for me to justify using more than like four at a time. >.< Because generally you would use Trait Reduction /after/ already using a gum to get a specific sort of boon you want.

I think since you got the only longevity trait for hammers, which is durability boon, you will get a random trait next since there is no other boon longevity gum can provide.

also I find 4 stack is enough to pretty much get 99% of the boon types with the gums

Until they remove the RNG I’m just not going to bother with it. It is asinine that you can spend so much time gathering the resources without a guaranteed result.

Drops are already random.

Quality is already determined by stats.

Results should be 100% CONSISTENT.

Anything less is unacceptable.

IMO, of course


IMO it’s a balance. If it was 0 rng on forge, then we’d have to make ingredients for the best boons REALLY hard to get, or else the world would be flooded with mega powerful, mega fast, super AOE hammers.whereas with an rng requirements can be much lower and there’s a chance you get a super amazing forge result without having to spend months grinding and being level 50 on 5 alts etc.


You could always make it so multi-boon hammers cost more, but single-boon hammers have no rng.


I’d be happier about that.

Not happy, but happier.

I havent done a lot of forging, but 2 gums of my chosen type and 2 trait reduction gums once i get the boon i want has only given me useful results. Also consider high end deconstruction resins if you absolutely must have only a specific boon profile on your items.

If items didn’t have durability, or could be repaired, I’d likely feel differently.

But hours of grinding for an item that you are going to use up long before you can afford a new one…

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What I find almost comical, is that after 200 hours, I still don’t have enough materials to’even begin forging good AOE hammers, and the devs are worried about the grind gettin’ worse?

WORSE than 200+ hours? I still don’t have advanced power coils for the extractor, the workbench, the centraforge, and the refinery.

Edit I chose not to bomb mine after trying it once, which means my progress has been slow.


Is there more than one boon (durability) for hammer on longevity category?
There is gum that puts point to existing boon instead of creating new ones, have you tried it?
Also I wouldn’t use stack of items on forge if you are new to it, you just burn stuff too much and might get too much unwanted items.

Getting high tier boons already takes 7 advanced extractor power coils, fully leveled vitality and power, forge epic, all forge crafting skills (3), 4-5 advanced Centraforge power coils, lots of ingredients for the boon compound and paste and gums, as well as the tools to begin with. It would not be overpowered if we could remove RNG for one simple not overpowered boon.

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No, according to this chart and experience.

I see only one longevity buff checked on tools on that sheet,

Correct, there is only one boon under longevity for tools.

Tell me about it. With the skyrocketing prices on gems the only route right now if you’re not filthy rich is to grind out any power coil related needs. Once you get past it though, it’s not too bad, mind the RNG :stuck_out_tongue:

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How many people are going to stick through it? That’s the million dollar question.