🎉 Get ready to be hammered with excitement starting April Fool's Day! 🛠️

im waiting for all those hammers :smiley:
why i need cheao hammers?

  1. for mining gleam for getting cubits for buying plots :slight_smile:
  2. im buying only hammers with maxed speed or speed i can max with brew, im not buying slow hammers, its wasting my limited playtime
  3. advice? im not a forger, i hate forging and not going to forge even with free mats
  4. i dont have money :slight_smile: i can spend 15k on T7 hammers and axes only if there is rare gleam or white wood :smiley:
  5. now im mining gleam at T1-2 sovs and i have my fav tool seller :slight_smile: thanks for those awesome topaz speeders :smiley:


GO !!! HOST :smiley:
you doing right thing :smiley: \ you are a GOOD BOY :smiley:
even if there are haters please dont stop,
this community will die if you’ll stop helping :smiley: we need your help even if part of us has a different opinion

and most important question to all who is against HOST forging spree and criticized him in his topic

  • made a post saying
    "im not going to buy a single hammer forged by Host - add also your game name and your shop name/place to be sure youre not going to buy 25 SS and resell them to make money :smiley:
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I can guarantee I won’t be buying and reselling forged goods.

You were told that artificially raising oort prices, as you did with the previous 100 coin jump meant the prices wouldn’t come back down noticeably. You were told it would have negative impact on other players. That is not telling you you must not go above a certain price point, it was telling you to think about all the repercussions of your actions. I know you were told this because I was the one to tell you. :slight_smile:

Now you have been shown that trying to artificially lower the prices of forging via dumping, is going to drive others from the game. It’s not doing good for the community to drive people from the game.


Some people don’t give a damn @Eneitgranny as they only think about themselves.

It’s a market simulation. An injection of cheap goods will lead to somebody with enough cash to become opportunistic and buy cheap, sell high.

PS. Can I buy 3000 ? :)) I’ll promise I sell them at double price!
PPS. Just play and enjoy.

Kind regards,


I’m sorry for not doing as I was told. so sorry… :rofl:
no for real, I tried to work things out with certain people, and I have tried to comply but nothing seems to work and the market will change and adapt even without me.
so many people adapt and change prices but that’s not noticed, because they do it silently, they do it without getting the community involved, they do it just because they can and not because they should.
however it does not matter no **** is given, at this point anymore, and at this point, I just know that people always need to find ways to entertain themself, if it’s not in the game then it’s on a forum pointing fingers.
let me say if you cannot adapt to a game where the market is run by the community then this game is not for you, prices vary and prices will change on a day-to-day basis, one cannot ask for stable prices we are not NPC’s, and with such a low player base the damage of increased prices and reduces prices have huge impact on the game in its current state. would we have 200 players + this would not even be a topic, but unfortunately it is.
on another note, would I have not posted about my reduced forged hammers and just put them on stands, all this crying towards me would not even have existed lol. but it is what it is.
people can jump up and down and blame me for everything for their pleasure, but at the end of the day I’m doing nothing wrong, I’m playing the game how I want to play, and there’s no one going to tell me HOST you cannot do this for the community or you cannot do that for the community. because this is what I do and this is what you get, grab a helmet because it is going to be a bumpy ride.

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I’m not sure if putting them all on stands is going to be a good or bad thing… as you said someone can just buy me out.
I have people asking me to reserve hammers and are willing to pay 10k a piece.
I don’t do reserving. but open for hand trades too when the time comes.
reselling will happen, an opportunity to make some extra coins.

friendly regards back :fist_right: :fist_left:

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I’ve been hesitant to weigh in on this because, frankly, it’s not my primary concern, and passing judgment based on perceived intentions would be inappropriate.

I understand both perspectives, but ultimately, Host has the autonomy to act within the parameters of the game. We’ve encountered similar situations before, such as players going AFK, utilizing slide farms, or bringing multiple accounts to hunts.

If anyone believes Host’s actions are misguided, they should voice their concerns, refrain from purchasing the items, and move forward. Unfortunately, people often form opinions based on past behaviors or interactions.

Whether it’s waiting on a banned player’s plot to claim their belongings, strategically plotting to hinder expansion or gain footfall, or connecting plots to others opportunistically, the list of potentially contentious actions is extensive.

Although these actions may be permissible within the game, that doesn’t inherently make them ethical or commendable. Previous conduct within the game can significantly influence others’ perceptions of an individual in the future.

With that being said, anyone with the necessary funds could feasibly purchase all the hammers and distribute them as they see fit or choose not to purchase them altogether. It’s a matter of personal discretion, but personally, I opt not to buy any for my own reasons. While I refrain from speculating on Host’s intentions, I do hope they intend to benefit rather than harm others.


There is a difference between being told to do something and being asked to consider all the potential repercussions of your actions.

Exactly what I have done, voiced concerns about side effects of pushing other forgers from the game, and now moving on.


I’ve already done it, Host just has an oversized ego and thinks the game belongs to him, the guy thinks he’ll teach me what the economy is in an MMO I have a lot more time on MMORPGs in his overall than him on Boundless. I’m a big Dofus, Albion, TESO player so I know the economy in a community game very well. I even tried to slow down the increase in ore and gems.

Now on the day when only Host and “his fanboys” remain, I hope that the developers will react.

And Host asking for money IRL to pay for your planet says a lot about you :wink:


I know right. He’s running around on Gellis :rofl:


Its that big, it took its own form!

I’ve said my peace. This has gone off track of the OP.

Peace back :v:

Technically this can be closed @majorvex :smile: if anyone has to say something be fast :running_woman:

And at the same time if he can check that your IP and that of May-L04 are not identical :wink:

I like durability hammers as well.

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Ofcourse they are identical why wouldn’t it be

is she your wife?

Not yet, girlfriend