Get VIP access in the Boundless OFFICIAL discord!


Hey everyone, I’ve been busy changing things up over in the community discord and I wanted to share some new perks I’m adding in.

For starters, I’m introducing a VIP rank, OORTIAN and the new VIP Channel, oortian lounge. Only players with this rank may access this special channel, and they will have a few added perks that aren’t available in the public channels such as Text-to-Speech, and external emojis. I’m looking at ways to spice up this lounge even further with various plugins and mods for discord, so I’ll add those as I get them set up.

To get this new rank is simple, and has only one requirement. You must write a steam review for boundless! Screen-cap them and post them in this thread, and you will be granted the OORTIAN discord rank! This is a manual process, so it may take a little bit before it takes effect. Also, everybody who currently has the CONNOISSEUR or STEAM REVIEWER 2017 forum badges for writing a review in the past will be granted access as well, but don’t forget to update your existing reviews!

I hope to be very busy granting access over the next few days, so please allow me pleanty of time to make changes.

If you’re not already a member of the Boundless Community Discord, use this invite!


This is really good idea! I’ve been just kinda lurking on the forums and I’m the discord, but I’ll be sure to get a review up or update my review (completely forgot if I have one already).


Everyone, let me know if your forum name is different than your discord handle, thanks.


I posted my review! Yay.

My Steam name is Tagris. I would screen shot it, but it seems to be taking a while to appear.

Love the idea of this! Thanks Havok!


I feel like we should bring a 2018 review badge to the forums as well. :smiley:

Also, it would be great to see if someone could manipulate or create a discord bot to communicate between the game and discord. :slight_smile: :+1:


@Havok40k i cant post a pic on mobile… Ill poat up in diacord man


at work so this is best I can do. My discord name is thetiinx.


I mean, I certainly think 2018 badges would be cool :smiley: and bots would be a nifty addition as well!


I would take a 2018 badge :+1::pray::pray:





“I haven’t played the game that long…” 1174.5 hours played.


wrote that review when I had waaaaay less hours in back then.


I dont want to write a review, since its early access. Many things could change on the way to launch. Maybe I’ll write down my experience so far, although I feel like I haven’t even experienced enough to do even that. Well see, but don’t expect full on praise.



I’ve writen it. Flithor


There :smiley: