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My review in Steam. Discord name: crazygirlclub


all reviews up to this point have been promoted to Oortian


Discord name: Swede


I did an German review, this is much easier for me. So it got extra long :smiley:

Discord name is vibe-x also.


I did a review also.

Admittedly, I did end up picking ‘No’ as opposed to ‘Yes’ when it comes to whether I would recommend the game (A decision based on how likely I would be to recommend the game to people I know), but a review is a review, right?

I’ve left it open for comments if anyone wants to (politely and fairly) refute any points I’ve made (I’m not intending to reply or try and draw it into being disagreement). As a consumer, THOSE are the sort of reviews that I’ll actually read through properly, and will sell (or fail to sell) a product to me. I tend to skip over reviews that are either overwhelmingly good/bad and don’t consider the other at all…


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