Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


I recently had a newborn baby and before that I didn’t have enough time to play, so I am getting rid of my accounts so they don’t go to waste. I never received the art work or my “own” starter world I was supposed to after I paid for them anyways, I may change my mind, I absolutely love this game, there isn’t a better sand box game than this one. So if anyone is interested in them let me know. Again I may change my mind but at the moment I just don’t have time.


Congratulations on your newborn child. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking to upgrade my account if it were possible; is the master account an extra key or something?


Congratulations on the baby! Come back soon.


I have 3 master keys yes but again, I’m undecided, I love the game alot, I wish they sent the art work like they were supposed to or even my own world, I’m not mad but I wish I could have that since I don’t have alot of time to play


Even though I PMed you about what you’re offering… I would advise you to keep what you have if you’re on the fence about getting rid of anything.


Definitely interested. Sent you a dm.

Congrats on the baby.


I reckon they’re always quite busy – I mean, we’re seeing some stuff come up now that was mentioned ages ago, which is probably an indication that they do try their best to put everything out as they can.

I would be really happy to take one of the keys, but if you’re undecided, then maybe the best thing is to do nothing to be fair. Less to regret that way if you did feel differently or have more time later on. :slight_smile:

Also, on the other hand I’ve been on that side too, I bought a pretty big backer tier for a different game, and I ended up regretting getting such a high backing tier because some of the promises weren’t really kept or seemed put to the sideline, and in reality I should have managed my own expectations better about it.


I just figured by now they would have given their promises, again I’m not upset about it just kinda thinking it will never happen


What is a master key? What does it do?


It gives you perks, like alot more plots, and so on


This explains them, only the Oortian is better my a majority.


Congratulations on the new baby!

I love this game and would love to upgrade my account with one of those keys. However, I agree with the above folks who say to hold on to them for now. Wait until you’re entirely sure before you decide to give them to anyone. You may regret it later on. Life is too short and precious for regrets. :slight_smile:


With a newborn, he’s got at least 2 years before he sees free time again. :joy:

Outside of Wonderstruck opening up packages again on some other level, this is probably the only way anyone is going to get access to one a high tier key.

Would be neat if wonderstruck opened up a new ‘fan package’ with neutered benefits for those who weren’t around in the backing stage simply because they’d never heard of the game.


I asked James about that once. He told me he couldn’t open it up just for me and said I should make a topic asking the backers their opinion on it being opened up again for people that weren’t able to the first time. I just didn’t know how to form the topic so never did it


I would love it if they did something like this. I had never heard of the game until CobraTV and Semtex spoke about it on Cobra’s youtube subcast. I was in love with the concept from the moment they spoke about it and I jumped in on day one. If I’d have known about the game sooner and the early access options, I would’ve jumped on it!

To have some sort of fan package with some similar perks would be amazing!


I went ahead and started one, hopefully some backers will weigh in with their feelings on it. Thanks for giving a starting point for the discussion.


Congrats on the new bundle of joy and sleepless nights!!

As for your accounts, I would keep your Oortian one, you’ll never know you might want to come back in the future!

As for the master keys, well, I dunno, seems to me those might be expendable, and depending on what they entail quite a few people might be interested in them. I for one would love a plot bonus and/or the ability to craft the wayfarer totem myself.

I also don’t think I can magically use such a key to change my PSN based account, tho I do know you can have 1 WS account with both Steam characters and PS4 characters on them (still max of 10 combined tho) so not quite sure I would have any use for them myself (besides, I probably would not be able to afford it anyway if it’s too expensive!), but like I said plenty of people out there who will want to jump on such a thing!


My 3 year old loves playing. It won’t be long until you’re gaming together, and smashing/digging in this game is a great starting point.

In case I was too subtle, I highly recommend you keep your accounts/keys.


what weapons and wearables do you get the ability to craft?


Congratulations to your new Born! You should Keep the keys to game with the Baby when the time Comes :slight_smile:

On that note, due to the size of my Project, if it is still a Thing i would like to apply for a key/upgrade.