Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


Would that even be possible? Can I add a master key to my current account? :thinking:

I just want the plots :sweat_smile: I can’t believe someone who does half the work I do get same amount of plots as me. If I knew about this game, I would have backed a good sum for sure…


You can add the new keys to PC accounts. Of this I am sure. I have several players I gave keys to early on that have been using them without issue. I am not sure if it would work for PS4. There is a way to add the key through steam like it is a dlc key for the game. If you get a key I can tell you where to add it.


It’s really simple entering the keys


I’m like others, I would keep the key. You would be surprised at even a young baby would find the changing scenery to be of interest. My ids when little even over 30 years ago I would set them in a rocker at age 6 months for a hour to just see some nature programs or something on a educational program and they would watch the changing views and be quiet so I could take a nap with them close by.

Or do household chores and keep a eye on them. Maybe some of that info sunk into their brains, they both have high IQs; that and classical music. Love to listen to classical music.

Anyhow, keep the keys for a while since you are undecided.


I would also like to put my name in for a key, but only if you’re sure about it.

There’s a good chance you’ll come back to this game once a number of things are updated, and especially once the promises are filled.

Having a kid will take a lot of your time, but keeping at least one for that new bundle of joy could make it a fun family activity in the future.

And definitely congratulations!


I think things will come in time and we just have to wait for them… either way if you love the game I would strongly suggest you do not get rid of anything… You have no idea what the game will be like in another year or two and you will kick yourself hard if you get rid of the accounts and then want to play again or things change and you have time…

Congrats on the kid… Plus maybe in a while you could play with the kid when it is time :slight_smile:

So keep at least one… but honestly, I’d keep them all… hell I still have all of mine minus the 3 accounts I gave away to a select few.



my wife and I just had a baby (Six months) and I promise you between all the naps and amount you stay up at night you can cradle your sweet baby and still play, I do ! Also if you need any baby tips just reach out !


How much would one ask for such a key? I would love to get my hands on one!


Oortian is still available


I would like to get that.


I PMed you about the Oortian account when you made this thread. Not sure if you even looked at it. I am still interested.


Man again 6 Hours late…i would like to have that for my world pyramid i can use all plots i can get ;/
But happy for anyone who gets it.

How is the Baby doing?


I would also like to get it if you’re still sure you’re going to give it away.

It’s sweet that you’re giving them away so that people can benefit from them.


keep it all, once you child is bigger you can play with him/her^^


I mean the master account is still available but it comes with the name it has


Hey Cloud :slight_smile: Congratulations my man! I wish you all the best and health to your family.


Just want to throw in my congrats on your new baby too! :slight_smile: I hope everything is going wonderfully and you’re getting at least a little rest and relaxation at times!


Congratulations! My last one is 8 months now, I hope I will be playing more or less regurarly in a few months time. We shall see.


My last is just about 9 months. I am finally getting some time :grinning:. Just not a lot of strait time. 15 minutes here, half an hour there.


This is a loooong term game :smirk: