Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


I sent this guy money today he picked it up and has not delivered a key to me it’s been 8 hrs. I am sure now this is a scam, if Oortarch does in fact deliver the key to me I will retract this statement and confirm receipt of what I paid for


2 more players have contacted me now, their money has not been collected as yet however no keys have been delivered, again if this is a misunderstanding I will retract these posts however I am thinking this is a scam


he says account in the title how would he send a key, wouldn’t it be an account credential ?


I was under the impression that these ortian backers had keys to hand out to friends


They have been sold before, or I’m just a dummy we’ll see


Right if i remember correctly master had 4 keys with the plots perks and oortians 8. But you didn’t get it all like the planet is only for the account owner, artwork etc.


Last post sounded like he only had an account left to sell.

My only suggestion is to just be mindful that this doesn’t turn into a breach of the CoC (Name and shame style).
Hopefully you paid via PayPal etc so will be able to get a refund if it’s never delivered.


When he asked me how much i want to pay i stopped because i didnt want to be caught in a bidding war.
However, i am curious how much People Paid, if they would tell? A PM would be ok aswell i guess :slight_smile:


I am not blaming or shaming anyone here I am specifically making the community aware that I have not yet received the goods I paid for and it has now been 24hrs. If this is a scam I don’t want anyone else to get taken. I have copied and saved the entire conversation and I will not discuss details or names here. I have also reported this to James


Still good luck in getting something out of this/your Money back.


Is account trading allowed? Most mmo’s do not allow account trading, so it surprises me if this is allowed? But since this thread is more than a month old it would somehow give indication that devs do not mind or the thread would have been deleted?

Can a dev shed some light on this? It’s kinda confusing that this thread has been allowed to live on.

According to TOS, you may not sell an account, so I would say this whole thread is a breach of TOS?


this is the original price for each founder tier packs:


Ah 200% more plots! But still, glad i didnt ask for the Price in the pm, i would have feinted i guess^^

My pyramid would be saved! :slight_smile:
thank you Hash.


you welcome :slight_smile:


I would love to buy pioneer rank :thinking: 50% more is already huge, and don’t feel like paying double for 75% more is worth is :sweat_smile:

Or what does “exclusive character options” mean under chieftain? :thinking: kinda salty price to pay tho for a student who only works part time :joy:


Clearly this person must be vetted or known to the DEvs/Mods as legit. This post has been up over a month with absolutely no Developer or Moderator intervention… and since Oortians did get something like a handful of oortian and master keys it is possible this is legit. The guy may have had stuff come up in RL that dragged him away for part of the weekend.


He is posting with an Oortian title.


Also, originally, since he never stated he’d be selling the accounts, the forum originally wasn’t a breach of TOS.


title says account.


That’s true. The second post by the OP was originally stating the keys that he had available though.

I don’t know much else bout the rest of everything.