Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


i wonder how many plots you can buy for the price off being oortian



For the record this player is a Master account owner, and was gifted an Oortian key by another Oortian, and hence is also an Oortian account owner.

I can’t really say anything more about this.

For the record the Boundless EULA contains:

13.11 It is a further condition and fundamental term of this EULA and your use of Boundless that you may not and must not buy, sell, barter, swap, exchange, trade, lend, rent or otherwise deal in any way with other aspect of Boundless including your Boundless account, password or username.

Also a reminder that if you’re trading Steam accounts then the Steam EULA will apply.


Reopening the thread at the request of some players. I think it is a valid discussion about what is and isn’t allowed, and also the outstanding status of the original post.


Thank you James!


I still have gotten no word from Oortarch and no key code


Sadly neither have I.


im still confused about what this then. OP wanted to “get rid” of his account and looking for interested parties. Since he posts this here it must be because he want to either sell, barter, exchange, trade, lend, gift or deal in some way with his account? yet, the thread is allowed to be open and the OP is viewed as an “oustanding post”…? so in conclusion, gifting (possibly selling?) accounts away is somehow ok here even if it quite obviously contradicts the EULA/TOS? Hence my confusion.


I believe it may be referring to the fact that some people have been left “hanging” and therefore they could still do with a reply.

From Wiktionary (outstanding):


I’ve come up with a solution… return any money received.
Give the Oortian key to me.
All will be right in the universes again.
Problem solved. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
Or @james. You can just hook me up with one. Lol. So what I’m saying is, someone give me an Oortian Key… (sound of crickets and a tumbleweed blows by.) lol.


@Saalt @krasniy Did yall pay for a key or an “account”?

Keys are one thing.

Buying/selling game accounts will get you insta-banned in pretty much any game.

Hopefully this person is just super busy with the new baby & will give you folks your keys or a refund very soon. If not, keep in mind there is usually a time limit on refunds/charge-backs.


“Picked it up” sounds like money order


Hmmm. Does that mean western union or?

If I mailed a money order from Austin to Houston, it would take a couple of days at least.


oh ok, yes I guess that makes some sense.


It depends, Walmart to Walmart was next day service iirc. Still, I don’t think there would be any recovering it if so. If anyone else’s money was picked up then keep good records of the transactions. Could be a one-off perma ban for the traded keys, transfer the benefits to new owners and time to add RMT or account trading to the “not allowed” list. :<

Either way, it sounds weird that some of the transactions were picked up and not others, so I would give it another week before sweating


Was for unused valid key.


His other offer was for one of his game accounts thou. He asked me for an offer, but i refused to take part in a bidding war.
I so could have used the more plots, but i am not stupid. No pun intended.


Well thats what he offered me and apparently to Saalt as well (key)…


Correct it was a Walmart transaction, I am a dummy. He was in written communication with me right up to the point the money was picked up. Yes it was a key that was being offered. The convo was 250 lines where he basically talked me away from PayPal into the instant transaction.(I knew the risk I was taking)The only reason I want to keep this post alive is so that others use caution.
@Fallon both other transactions have been cancelled by the respective players.
@majorvex not true, Eve online which I played for 10 yrs has a character bazaar that is sponsored and run by the dev team


You live and learn.

Great believer in karma. He shall get his comeuppance. :v:t3: