Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


Speaking of karma, I told my friends about this whole mess and a buddy named Sorsko gave me his pioneer key free :crown: he is an inspiration and represents the overwhelming majority of the Boundless playerbase.


Is it too late to claim I got suckered too? :joy:

Kidding, kidding. Am glad you have one now tho, congrats!


Oh oh me to me to. I knew this me too movement was golden. Haha :joy:


I am still a Chieften level and out my $45 in fees sad :frowning: Anyone who has a spare master or chieften key i would be eternally greatfull… ;(


In EVE online you are allowed to sell characters, Selling an account in EVE is not allowed will get the account banned.


@Trundamere you are correct sir I hadn’t even thought of it because you can sell characters


I very established player wrote me and told me “This guy has been having a baby since release, wish I had seen this Post earlier”


Maybe he’s part rabbit?


i really don’t understand why this thread was unlocked selling accounts/keys is against the EULA/TOS for every MMO i have ever played even more so when its done the way this was so both parties are at fault the transaction
its self was done via money transfer so there is no way to even confirm that OP was the recipient of the money.

to me this just seems like a dev sanctioned name and shame


Yea is there a reason this thread ia actually still open?


“Reopening the thread at the request of some players. I think it is a valid discussion about what is and isn’t allowed, and also the outstanding status of the original post.”

Per James.


Outstanding status of original post?




Clarification :v::+1:


Did someone say lynching party…?


James seemed to indicate keys ok, accounts not ok


I have no say, but I don’t really see a legit/constructive purpose for this thread to remain active.

Especially once things supposedly went sideways after money changed hands. Seems like this post should be pulled & dealt with internally. I can’t think of any other game that would allow any of this - much less for it to be in a public forum.

All that could be posted about now is everyone wondering if it’s a scam, payment details, ToS questions, etc. All things that should be communicated via PM or with BL admins.


Lock it down!!!


if the devs are gauging the possibility of allowing the selling of keys it would just be a train wreck without a 3ed party handing system you would see those threads pop up more then anything else there is a reason why even paypal disabled there Seller Protection program on digital goods its a nightmare to deal with on any level if its not via a service like humble bundle or steam


The keys were intended for distribution. How they get distributed is a matter for the key holders.

If nothing else it serves as a warning/reminder on the topic. There’s no reason to lock or hide the thread at this point.