Getting rid of an Oortian account and master account


sadly i deleted the email but im farly sure it ment to be “gifted” to friends not sold via shady under the table deals for a profit

has much as i dislike name and shame rules the same could be sayed about many threads warning people of griefers or scamy people and to be completely blunt is shod be common $#@! sense that you dont wire-transfer money to a total stranger without confirmation that the item has been sent or received.

having this up has a warming is on the same level has haveing a thread warning people not to touch active stoves

and again going back to this

cuz of the way it was done and the fact we got no info outside of what we have been told all this thread des is potentially slander the OP with a semi serious allegation i mean this is not “oh OP riped me off and i lost some coin” this is “OP committed Fraud a real crime”


At the very least now though I’m invested in the story and want to hear OP’s response. I’m probably too optimistic and hoping something just came up in life and that everyone will get everything situated correctly. Hopefully.

eats popcorn


i would love to sell my kidney for a Oortian upgrade with the time i play! i play more then i breath air! darnit
no, really i wish there was a upgrade option for those that missed out , i also missed out on boundless releases or testing with a newborn that time, let us be able to upgrade kind sir!


Why don’t you just buy $1,000 worth of plots and see how far that gets you? Haha


I am hoping for the best too.

Fyi: In the US a theft of $500 or more is considered a felony and can be reported to the FBI. I believe Walmart and MoneyGram also have fraud divisions that except complaints and reports.


been there done that xD


Yes HOST did! Just on Xafrant he has over 7k since back in November So yeah he covered that lol.


Host you should pack up and move to Axon! :slight_smile:


7k used …but wait theres more! haha


you are not the only one asking haha but nah i like xa frant and it is so much work finding a place you like without bothering others in the long run. how about everyone moves to us! ill make sure the coffee is ready :wink:


So is anyone willing to off load one of there higher tier keys? I really enjoy this game and plan on sticking around - would not mind investing a little more into the game. Buying cubits only provides a small amount of plots on one character and is not at all practical. I would much rather have a percentage gain. +10% just isn’t enough.