Giant Trees Wanted!


I am looking for a peaceful - ish world with Giant trees…does anyone know which worlds are good for those?

Please and Thank you!



Trior has some massive trees. I farm them often for sap. (DI trior at Duskmoor city center, then up stairs behind the Mario)


Long time no see! Glad to see you are still around and building (or back and building) :smiley:. Biitula has some nice tallish trees, range between 4 and 5 plots if there are still any areas of them left. Very popular planet though.


Yep trior is great for giant trees


Tamelcoe beat me to it, on Trior, very large dark blue trees that you can get a nice amount of sap from. The branches are up high so you don’t have to fight the leaves to get to the wood.

Just make sure you don’t cut the branch you are hanging from, it is a long way down to fall, :slight_smile:


awesome, thank you! i will check it out


Hey there! Im good, i havent been on in a bit, but am back and exploring around looking for unique things to build :smiley:


Gellis has some pretty big trees too


Arie as well.


Sochaltin I has one but it’s mine so keep off


Yeah but Jen actually just left Arie, soooo that might not work. :stuck_out_tongue:
We were indeed near giant lustrous trees back there.


Probably not the biggest trees but Boori definitely has one of the most beautiful forest. :slight_smile:


Trior is perfect, i found a spot and the trees are a very cool Turquoise color wood. Yea, Arie we left due to people spreading and generally not being nice.


Gellis. So beautiful i built my base here.


do you have screenshots? i would love to see! :smiley:


It sucks that you had a bad experience on Arie, it’s where I live and the forests are magnificent. I’ve found some amazing players that share my planet. And although I’m fairly reclusive, I haven’t met a bad soul here yet!


Is your spot fairly close to the portal seekers hub? I planned on fusing a few of those trees together to make a massive tree fort but never got around to leveling my woodcutter enough so that I had the required plots. If you want a building partner there I would be more than happy to join in :slight_smile:



Gellies definitely biggest trees


Autumn Dell on Trior is near some large forests if you’d like to come for a visit check out this post: