GIF: New GUI in action

We’re getting close to visual parity with the old GUI. There’s still lots of features yet to be implemented, but this panel GUI structure will form the basis for most interactions in Boundless. Take a look:


looks awesome just awesome


It looks great but I think there should be an option to turn off the shaking whenever you klick a tab or move an item.


Although I agree this is looking simply fantastic, I do think the UI shaking every time you move something is a bit overdone. It could get quite distracting/annoying if one was switching through those tabs and transferring a lot of items. Other than that, good work! I can’t wait 'till this is finally in the game :smile:


Something I would like to see is some shortcuts for tabs once you open the menu, maybe 1 to 10 or something like that, just for faster crafting without having to click all of the time. Visually it’s appealing, I’m not sure if I like how to the items look in the menu, maybe have an option to make those 3D as well to make them pop out a bit more. When you mouse over an item maybe make it pop out a little as well, a few touches like that would add a really good degree of polish.

It is looking really nice, could we get some extra colour schemes on top? I feel like a bit of cool customization would really make the UI always pleasing.

All of this would make it that much better, it is amazing honestly, I don’t think the shaking UI is that annoying, what matters more to me is than the UI feels fast rather than clunky.

@ben also have to admit… I bet you put a bunch of work in that shaking. But I can imagine it can be very disturbing after some time.
Especially when you get faster in your inventory, it could happen because of the shaking you misclick somewhere. Because you click, while it is still shaking…
Ideally would be a turn off button, like @KuroKuma said.

But the design of the panel looks great! :slight_smile:


I suspect it’s the opposite; you might get used to it very quickly, and get to the point where you don’t even notice it

Maybe but if it’s anything like the head bobbing then we’re better off with the option to turn it off^^

Hey @ben, would it be possible to get a .gif version of this? .mp4 isn’t being friendly with Google Drive :neutral_face:

Looks like a major improvement from the current GUI, keep it up