Give the option to allow others to see crop info

I would like other to be able to see my crop percentages, so if anyone wants to come check my farm, they can see the set up and whatever results are.

I have no real reason to hide that info from anyone else, although others may feel differently.

I don’t know if it’s the way it is for technical issues or game play decision.

If the reason is not technical, then maybe an option within the beacon to allow players to choose whether they wish to let other see this info.

Could be:



It is some decission by developers that numbers are hidden.

It was indeed a design decision. Personally I feel it encourages people to explore options and find what suits them more instead of everyone just cookie cutting someone else’s farm layout and that being the defacto standard.

Others can see the stats but they need permissions on your beacon to do so.

If others can see the stats for crops with perms, why can’t we see status of coils in a place we have perms?

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Not sure. I wasn’t aware that we couldn’t see status of coils

Only player who have Engineer can see floating information of machines and coils (what is on crafting and condition of machine) Workers who can use (and wear down) machines aren’t allowed to see this floating information of machines and not seeing condition of coils at all.


I do love the idea overall and it would be helpful. When I looked at Stretchious’ farm on the testing realm I was frustrated that I could not see the percents. But it did cause the below result:

So I in the end enjoyed the process of some discovery of the best set up. Then I just PMed Stretchious to ask about his layout and find out if I missed anything…

I’d lean to it staying hidden at this point. Another reason is because the details of my design could go into this: Book Asset


I like this idea. It would make me want to go visit everyone’s farms. I think it’s helpful to see how a mechanic works, in action.

(if it’s an easy adjustment, if not, that’s ok)

I didn’t realise this!

I thought only the beacon owner could see the stats on crops.

But now I think about it I realise I’ve been doing that all along :roll_eyes:

Still, it would be nice to have the option to allow others to see, if you wanted to.

Question. Once the farm been setup in certain way and been planted seeds, are the growth stats (crop and seed yield%) on them static till they mature?

Yields are static in that sense, yes.

Additionally, a plant can grow to full maturity and have all the blocks around it changed for a different yield for instance. Technically, yields are important only at the time of actual harvest of the crop.

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Perhaps putting up a sign of crop and seed yields is an alternative.

I hope there’d be like a gallery or museum where people could visit and see farms (size of a beacon or 2) displaying the setups with crop or seed yields

It’d be very helpful for people not familiar or hadn’t had much time testing farming all diff kinds of plants

It’s a good idea, and it’s something I am considering doing.

Only slight problem is a couple of my fields have some variation in stats.

Its longwinded enough trying to explain talking to someone, never mind putting it on a sign!

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