Glass panes placed at max alt don’t block snow

panes placed 1 block below max alt block snow
Panes placed at max alt don’t block snow

But panes never block snow only full blocks


Full glass blocks don’t block it either. It has to be a non-transparent block to keep snow out.


Last time.i asked for this most people told me that glass blocks snow. But if you chisel it it won’t block it

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Glass panes block snow at least now. Come by DK mall lobby you will see

You won’t have to wait long, it snows constantly in that stupid region

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fun fact: trellis has gaps in between and does block out snow and rain.


Can confirm all glass blocks block snow. Unless chiseled. Our entire city is covered in glass blocks and no snow comes in. Now if they can do something about the dropping rain particles I would love that.

We also have a room at Max height and the blocks block snow.


Maybe not panes? Are your max height ones panes?

Not panes. I never use panes because they always let snow and rain through. Always blocks.


False, visit dkmall to see it in person. They must have changed things.

The dome it’s self shows I’m right glass blocks don’t let snow through. It never snows inside. Also I’m at the mall show me what ya talking about. Are you talking about panes don’t let snow through now?

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Yup panes seem to block snow now. But not at max alt.

Glass panes block snow if they’re at the “bottom” of the block at max alt, but not if they’re at the “top” of the block, if this makes sense.


Would you be able to submit some screenshot examples the next time you see this in game?

If you’re on I can show you in person, prob easier?
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Is it snowing right now in game?

No but I can show you what would or wouldn’t block snow
I’m sure it’ll snow any second now anyway

The two on the right block snow. The one on the left does not block snow.
The glass cubes also block snow of course

@vdragon it is now snowing