Glass Panes


@james since you guys are rocking the changes in this next update, is it possible to make the lines around glass blocks less bold?


@ginabean This would be a great addition. When I build something, it’s always the glass that leaves me wishing it could be better. I like Minecraft for allowing you to craft your glass block into panes. It’d definitely be a very much loved feature on here, if it were possible. :grin:


Love that suggestion!
To take it a step further, make the interior lines disappear when glass blocks are adjacent to one another.


I think glass is a type of block that could benefit from having more variations in general. Patterned, stained, framed, etc… Lots of possibilities that could look interesting, really; these would mostly be texture changes, so even without any changes to how the glass rendering works or whatever, they could be ok.


Has it already been two months? I swear glass comes up every two months :joy:


We could implement a glass system similar to the modular signs. So instead of using gleam signs for windows you could use some new glass panel designs.

What designs would we want for these modular glass windows?

Additionally - would anyone be interested in a new chiselable glass block where the design is the same as the current glass block but with an additional border crossing the faces so that the block remains visible when chiselled? (So think the current glass block, with a plus pattern “+” across each face.) It would mainly be for chiselling glass sculptures.

I was just waiting for the right person to ask … :wink:


Yes. All of that = yes. So much yes.


Glass Pains would be amazing! Also if perhaps you could implement being able to use the dyes on glass? :grimacing:


Do you even have to ask this? :wink:


Both. Give us both. Don’t need to ask us. Just give it to us.


Yes… yes… yes! If you could panel glass the same as gleam signs except the border should be minimal so that we can get the look of clear glass. If we could tint it that would be fun…

Chiseled glass? Oh my! :nerd_face::+1:


Just have the color of silty soil tint the glass. Clear glass just requires purified silty soil (or compacted?)


That would work, but with all the new pigments coming in, it would make sense to be able to make glass use the new feature too.

@james an easy way to implement the glass that Gina was talking about would be to be just put regular glass in a refinery? Refined glass similar to how it smooths regular blocks out :man_shrugging:t3:


In addition to a totally blank option, variations like these:

Or these:


Special glass designs could be “refined” and decorative glass?


@james Anything that allows us to really get the most from using glass would be fantastic. Patterned/stained glass, though, would be the bee’s knees. :heart_eyes::grin:


Yes; chiselable glass blocks that would be very nice :+1:
and very Boundless :boundless:


Based on my images above, it would be so much fun to be able to add tint or gleam to these to full color them or pattern color them, multi color them? OMG :exploding_head:


Paint your soils to pigment the glass. Otherwise, have you ever tried spray painting glass? It’s hard to see through!


@james Am also willing to grind my fingers to my elbows to get the stuff needed. Please note: I really do like my fingers, though. Have mercy. :joy: