Gleam Club+

So there’s been some chatter about portal suggestions regarding cost. I like the idea of 1x2 portals being free on the same planet, or settlement, or something. If not that tho, then maybe this:

Gleam Club Iron/Silver/Gold.

Iron: Gleam Club as it exists now, at that price point.

Silver: Portals may still have an opening fee (like fuel in a new beacon), but would have no upkeep cost while GC is active. At Silver, this would apply for portals up to (insert agreed upon size here).

Gold: Portals of any allowable size require no upkeep after opening, so long as GC remains active.

The price points would most likely follow the current scaling structure, so maybe an extra $2.50 or $5 a month? Thoughts?




I was about to suggest a personal teleporter item in that topic, but it fits into this a little bit better
but it would be non GC related and accessible to everyone ( recipe could be Deluxe tho ( like gold fist)
2 interactive blocks, that can be placed anywhere within 4 blinksecs to work as a free portal but only for the owner. costly to craft, no fuel required, 5 min cooldown…only 1 such connection can be active at a time


So how does this work for the people that already has 10 years of GC :laughing:


Maybe one or two portals, or ones on your home beacon only :thinking: I’d definitely pay extra.
Maybe we’ll get gem/lucent fists one day :wink:


You are right. There would need to be a “Gleamclub Upgrade” package offered at a discount…

Free portals would allow more interesting/useful builds for people who don’t like the upkeep game. I definitely would build more if there would be a different option than just abandoning the build after finishing it because it don’t want to fuel another portal.


@HOST maybe you can elaborate …I definitely encourage discussion from all angles here. Is it adding another “money sink” that turns you off? I have no interest personally in starting a Sov, but its not about the money there. I personally would have no prob throwing a few more bucks a month on top of my current GC for this privilege :thinking:


Hard no for me, but due to the lack of players giving an alternate way or crafting or attaining oort would probably be more ideal. Along with allowing the portals to hold more fuel.

Either make Oort craftable in some form or a resource thaf can be gathered I think that woukd allow local universes to attain Oort and also allow the MMO a more sustainable resource not so reliable on large hunt to attain it easily.


I think this would be bad… As theres alrdy poop ton of portals…

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It would be a power redistribution from in-game rich people to everyone. At the moment only in-game rich people with a good amount of time can build massive structures like portal networks or @HOST’s aweseome level-up-portals.

At the moment these people not only pay for that with gold/Oort but also with time for refueling it. With the next updates’ Compact Oort the refueling time falls away. I dislike that because it’ll be very easy, if you have enough gold, to keep a huge network running without spending time to refuel it. A gleam club+ would level the playing field.

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Well any can be rich in the game its actually not too difficult. The hard part is making coin quickly with fewer players these days its much harder and slower.

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I don’t like the idea of changing anything that can hurt the economy.

I’d prefer leaving the mainting/opening cost like it is right now and instead just add 5 extra slots to be able to add more shards.

That woudn’t hurt anybody. It would be just a bit easier to mantain portals specially for those that have a lot of portals, networks etc.



I think that normal GC covering beacon fuel was already a huge mistake. It is a perversion of the systems original intent. The world is full of forgotten trash beacons that would have already been clean up automatically by the fuel system but are now sticking around forever since it costs zero effort to keep them going.

So my suggestion would be to remove beacon fuel from normal gleamclub. :+1:


GC is a blessing for me. New job and back issues are keeping me from being able to log in most the time to even fuel portals. If my settlement reclaimed I would be very discouraged to build another. I haven’t been able to really even play for over a month now.

In regards to free portals I could maybe get behind 1 free portal, but it would have to be connected to the same planet as a 2x1. I couldn’t get behind more than that myself cause it would feel like to much.


I think one portal from your home beacon to another 1x2 location as part of GC+ wouldn’t be a bad idea.

With regards to taking beacon fuel away from GC I think that would be a game breaker for me. GC gives you a bit of respite from the game when unexpected things happen. My Dad died last September, for instance, so I would probably have lost a lot of the past two years efforts because I couldn’t face playing for several weeks and was busy arranging funeral, etc.




And nullify the last item in the game that haves a good amount of demand and value to it? I don’t think that is at all healthy for the econ.


Let gleamclub cover cost of, let’s say the first four portals. After that it’s up to you. Personally I don’t think gleamclub actually offers enough. :grin:. It’s not going to ruin the economy. I think I hear that every month for last couple of years… the community is growing smaller. Not growing larger. So it’s clear something needs to change. If it was already working the community would of grown . Personally changes to help the players with less of grind. I say yes too. Also I say thankyou too all the gleamclub members. They are the ones keeping the doors open. Pay monthly subscription helps the game in many ways. Well I believe.