Gleam mining network - Code Gleam

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Hi I love code gleam it’s a helpful farming place so thanks for making them ,please can you post here when you have got the portals up and running again as they are not open as you must likely know.If your not doing it anymore if you know of any other gleam farms for all coloured gleam including new gleams please can you share locations and worlds with us.If you need portal s charged up just text here and me n community will help with it as it is for the community.Im sure many players will be glad to give you power for portals.


Portal Seekers have every gleams color for each planet under their respective hubs


I’m after cold teal gleam which is available on norkyna new planet but I’ve not found any norkyna hub yet where I can go under and look for that gleam.I need to farm it safely like I did before .


Québec sorrisi


You should try Norkyna for cold teal. Houchus I has white gleam.


Yeah I just checked and a bunch of the portals are down. :disappointed:


I’ll pay one million coins to the owner of Code Gleam, to transfer the plots to me and I will maintain the portals for the community to use.


@Alastair66 might be able to help.


I knew it has white gleam I meant they had a portal on that planet that lead to a farm of white gleam and also cold teal gleam plus corruption blocks also.I knew cold teal gleam is on norkyna sorry I wasn’t clear enough but thanks for replying.I wrote wrong planet had houchus on the


Is there a way to still reach at least some of their places? Especially the hub on Xa Frant, which has the gleam on the surface while the PS one is in under water