Gleam Mixing

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Just had a thought, what if we could mix gleam colors in the same way we mix pigments? It could be a big help to some folks who are struggling to mutate specific colors, and since we can’t paint gleam, it would also open some doors for builders. There aren’t a lot of gleam blocks out there on the extremes of the color spectrum, but still, could be fun. And I suspect not to hard to implement.


The mechanics are here already, they would just have to flip a switch to enable gleam spraypainting


Yeah, I suppose that’s a good point. However I always thought that painting gleam would be silly, because then I’m somehow mutating goo towards a color of gleam I just used goo to paint? Something about that just feels odd.

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Take my cubits.

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How about instead of spray just use goo in the mixer or refinery or furnace to get gleam to change color?

Or if that’s too easy, have the pigment processor able to make dye as an option so you can use that to change colors of things that don’t fit the idea of spraying.

EDIT: On second thought, maybe a new machine like the one that makes sprays just for dyes?

My take on this:

At this point, I don’t care how it’s implemented; I’d just like to be able to work for whatever tone of gleam I’m looking for without always having to rely on EXO or event RNG. Either way, I feel spray painting gleam seems cheap and kinda off. Gleam seems pretty special.