Gleam Project

I wanted to show this to you.
It’s what I work on atm. I got inspired by the Boundless website and the trailer.
It’s not exactly a big city skyline (since the pillarlike constructs are so thin) but
that also was an inspiration. :blush:


looks nice^^

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Hmm why does it look so familiar.
Almost like i’ve seen it before.

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that seems to hold a final boss on the top floor which before was a good guy and gets bad because you are in his way. nice building man!

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where can you get gleam? and so many of it! when i get the game i wanna build a chandelier with gleam. would you mind telling me where to get some? :slight_smile:

The many shouldn’t be a problem just press the key for infinite mode. Unless you mean many different colors^^

what key do you press? and where do you find gleam?

I think it’s comma. And it can be found in caves or on the undersides of floating islands (plenty of purple in Storial, Light blue in Kovah, so on.

More information on where to find gleam can be found here

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Ok thanks!