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Bombing people trying to chase gleambows is a ■■■■ move. Just sayin




Yeah brush it under the rug, seems to be par for the course for this forum.


Blame ourselves…that there are OTHERS are bombing us…? What?
You literally just said theres no rules.
No one else keeps spamming that but you my dude. But your not the one saying it really?
You read your own comments man?

no, blame yourselves for repeatedly saying “dont worry, break what you want. its a PVP event”

i dont make the rules, i just simply follow them.

Hm. Don’t believe I’ve ever said that.

well thats good, then! blame all the other folks who are saying that!

as i said, i dont make the rules! i follow them

What are you talking about. I’m asking for it to be locked before this topic gets to out of hand. You don’t know me. I don’t condone harassment of any manner.


Why lock it if not to silence peoples “drama”.

If you feel you have been harassed by someone in game, then report it.

Every single gleambow topic gets heated. Maybe people should be allowed to air it out a bit. Not sure what that has to do with knowing you.


please. i need to de-stress from all this commotion brought upon me by others

You responded to me. Unless that comment wasn’t pointed towards me. Also yes 1 million freaking topics about this. Why do we need a million topic talking about this one subject.

Ive been using the platform at different times for days and ive been even rushing to other people’s meteors to collect Oort after they’re done. Never did I witness such acts. Not saying you’re not saying the truth. Just putting out what I witnessed personally so others won’t be discouraged to come. I am sure whoever did this to you is a minority that doesnt represent the nice helpful majority.


If players are bombing you or being unnecessarily rude then report them using the in game reporting function. We will review the reports and take action where appropriate.


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73 minutes is specific.

That is all.


Sooooo, as long as we don’t break any game rules it’s fair game then???

Be careful with that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Chasing a rainbow meteorite in the rainbow meteorite event and collecting it is within the rules.

Bombarding players repeatedly to annoy them, no. Neither insulting people by chat. Both are considered harassment within the rules.