Gleambow is turning me off of boundless

I hate to complain because I love this game but this event is frustrating me beyond belief. How am I supposed to race to gleambow when as soon as I start running the game stops rendering properly and I can’t see in front of me anymore. I’m on the right server, I have the proper settings and my internet is better than needed. Anybody else having this problem?


Same problem

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I am not having any issues at all. Curious if you are on PS4 or PC?

It’s not complaining if your criticism is genuine and coming from a good place.

I don’t personally mind the event. I’m pretty quick and have managed to score myself and the punks some goodies!

That said, on my first outing I bumped into a handful of displeased individuals. I understand there’s a racing element here - but I don’t think this particular event caters well to new players or existing players who are just slow off the mark.

Just my opinion, but I think seasonal and reoccurring events should be for everyone - a time for everyone to get themselves some goodies with their friends.

To be effective for this event, you needed a leveled up character and a real decent grapple or two - which is an immediate cut off point for new people.

Then guild buffs help tremendously too, so again solo players are added to the list of people seemingly excluded.

Even group play is discouraged, as you can usually get more for your group by each of you going solo.

If it were up to me, I’d consider considerably extending the timer for T3 worlds. Then for the more competitive people, have the timers get shorter, but the rewards greater, for each tier up you go.

I’d also increase the loot inside the box - and make that the primary source of goodies. That would give more incentive to group play!

Just my thoughts!


Playing on ps4

I have noticed that the landscape likes to unload if you’re moving too quickly across the world.

I dont remember it being as bad as it is last gleambow event however it could have to do with optimizations made along with limitations of the ps4.

I also am on ps4.

Not gonna lie though it’s kinda exhilarating grappling and having the world disappear and not knowing if I’m gonna get


On PC myself, so I really can’t say anything about the PS4 situations… but sounds like something needs fixed.


I am having the same issue, I’ll be running along and the whole world unrenders. Lost a few Gleambows because of it. I’m on PS4 as well. Over all it has been okay though.

Only briefly tried this morning, but I also was rather frustrated with the performance and lag on Australian planets (normally loads well for me). I am on PS4 also, start moving at high speeds to beat the timer and everything goes blank.

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I try to post with a good spirit but I have a hard time with this one lol.

In 4 hours now between IRL distractions, on two planets, I’ve seen exactly 2 live gleambows. one of them had 49 sec. when i saw it and I fell in a hole. The other had 4 sec on the time when I saw it. Not even a chance.

I’m a competent meteor hunter and I’m not seeing anything spawn on delta cancret right now. I’m discovering plenty of dormant and some complete so I just have to keep tedlling myselfl that somebody must have ‘just left’ even though there’s only 5 people on the planet. Or something.

So anyways I haven’t really even gotten to the problems you’re having yet. But yeah, this event…

One of the ones I saw live turned to foliage and the other to thorns btw so, i don’t feel like I missed too much there. Love the stories about “oh yeah i went out for two hours and conquered a ton of them and have 50 colors of gleam now” but for some reason I’m always just off the mark lol.

Ah well I gather what goodies I can. Sorry if that’s sort of off topic to your post but i saw the title and yeah it just came out :slight_smile:

This is just the normal state of things for me so definitely sorry if you’re experiencing it first time during the event.

Wow now I feel the need to post a bunch of “I love the game” disclaimers and yadda yadda yadda. I’m in the process of stripping mods off of my install that I use for normal hunting and gameplay in case it’s interfering with my ability to spot these.

It’s only the first day so, we’ll see.


Those who conquered many most likely are on pc and have the mod that makes them see meteors. FYI I’m not against those mods what so ever.

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I did not even attempt gleambows the first time around so I have nothing to compare it with. I am not having any issues with rendering though, and in about 1 hour of actively looking for them today on Boori I got 8 or 9 active ones and a bunch of dormant.

I personally have no mods, and I suck at grappling… just using mega speed brews and my surface gathering skill page for the run speed and stealth. I have just been expecting to not make it to most of them and if I do then that is just a bonus.

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Well idk, but im on PC all good, loading well, been able to catch 4 of them in 45mins so overall its good :smiley:

Totally agreed, great idea here - I think going for gleambows on a T3 is very doable at a lower level - it is the timer that is the issue here, rather than the danger. Double it or a bit more on the T3s would be my vote, seriously. You can get lucky and have one land near you but even using brews I sometimes can’t make it. It will leave a much better taste in the mouths of newer players if they have a better shot at getting them.

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Yes it happens time to time

I can understand people’s frustrations over this event be they on PC or Ps4, either one can have their fair share of annoyances that may discourage those to hunt these gleambow meteors down. I will say i have a fair wifi connection on Aus and USE planets and i mainly hunt on the higher tiers for the sake of less players and it does pay off very well. But sometimes it’s either the atmosphere, weather or just the rendering of the land or the meteor sometimes appears as a little orange ball flying through the sky which makes it really hard to notice them sometimes and it only slightly annoying.

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i cant imagine how it is for new players, next to impossible. It almost feels like a end game thing, you need to be level 50, have long range grapples and have the max guild buff for speed and grapple to get to them. Like someone said it’s the first day so i guess we’ll have to wait to see if it improves.


I am not against either. But come on let us put ort in a atlas so ps4 players can also see them.

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Well honestly as someone who rly doesnt like hunting (its too slow paced and nothing special is goin on) this brings me back to the game and also the way it rewards me with block (im a builder :smiley: ) its something great for me, where i get my mats in a interesting fun way, also i come from a long history of fast paced FPS games, where i got enough skills and what i need for this event, also it takes time to get used to it, also you need to get to know the terrain you are on (so the better you know the planet the more chances u have) also its posible someone was few mins before you there even with 5 ppl, i know how fast i go from region to region and i can tell you im not even close to the best ones…

So basically this event is made for ppl who want more action and like to do fast paced things
But it also hits up on performance of the machine…

Btw what mods? I heard about them but idk what mods you can get for a game like this?


Yes but then the stronger players (advanced ones) would also have advantage on it, and they would probably use it… so its still not new players friendly

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