Gleambow Racing is Coming!

Yes a true Texan would do that with other true Texans… we know that average humans can’t compete in those things. So I offered up the more simple and fun answers. Come on dude…


well at least they are doing these events without asking. lol


Agree, especially since we haven’t had the gleambow event since 2020.


If it helps there are 87 worlds that will have gleambow meteors, though I’m not sure how many don’t have permissions for everyone.

Even if you can only access half, that’s more than 40, and with the still limited player base, you should be able to find regions on a world that is free of other players.

The meteors trigger even if you are on your own, so no need to race anyone else!


A bit of advice from someone who did these a LOT, haha! :grin:

I don’t think I had any in-person competition last few events of this for any I raced for, maybe once IIRC But this is an event to seriously consider getting a rental for - reason is, unless they changed it, other people completing meteors on a world will lower the timers for everybody.

You really don’t want to complete Gleambow meteors. Yes, you get Oort, but you’ll eventually drive the timers down to like 30 seconds completing them, where if you don’t complete them you can drive the timers up to like 2 min IIRC. That is HUGE because the thing you really want to do with them is kill the Gleamtrunks to get sacs to summon more Gleambows! You can get a lot if you get your timers up high. And you can still get some of the blocks without completing them, you might have to test a bit to get the feel but I would take a few hits with a 3x3 and be fine. But might not want to risk it for materials you don’t want.

Take a lv 3 lush, keep the picks as flat, treeless, and water free as possible; reason a rental is good here too is none of the permanents is really ideal for this. I’d sometimes beat the meteors to the spots on my rentals. :joy: If you get a rental, save the location of each region center, then run between those markers on your rental, hitting the center area will set one off though usually not the first region center you hit when you warp in, for some reason.


Paka! So nice to see you chime in! I miss your commentary. :pleading_face:


I have a new gleam tower that has yet to be tested on Boori. Maybe some of you would like to make use of it? Coordinates are -611N, -2173E Alt:225

The only thing it needs is platforms beyond the center.

You are talking about a tower for player created gleambow event. The gleambow racing event runs region to region like normal meteors.

Today the event will start… All ready for it ?

It’s already started!

Oh wow, and Oortmas is still going for another 22hours.
Did not expect overlapping events…

Any hunts soon? :smiley:


Overlapped last year as well

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No Gleambow sanctum?!
Was it not good enough?!
I see how it is… :violin:



I think we are just fine without it :see_no_evil:


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