Gleambow Timers

Interesting. As you can see from the listed timers thread, almost no meteors even start out with that much time anymore

I can honestly say that hasn’t been my experience.

I could be mistaken on the 1:30 timer specifically… but I’ll do some runs tonight after work to see if i can get some screenshots. I’m fairly certain there have been multiple meteors that had a minute remaining by the time i caught up to them.

There were some yesterday, but today…not so much. I don’t know how often they reset…or if they do. From what people are saying, the timers are adjusting with each completed meteor

I feel like you must have not played since tuesday.

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I’m confused then…

So it looks like everyone was seeing 3 minutes or more on timers up until a downtime bug fix 3 days ago?

I didn’t run any yesterday, but Wednesday for sure i did a ton of gleambow hunting and didn’t notice a difference in timers.

I’m gonna check this for sure tonight…

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Yes. the 3 to 11(!) minute timers that were appearing after the weekend were stopped on tuesday and basically everything was set to under 1:30 again. They quickly got worked down to the point that many busy planets were getting timers under 30, and even under 20 seconds apparently.

Not precise numbers but yeah. As of last night I don’t think any planet was spawning over 1 minute timers, though people are looking at ways to push them back up.

In fairness @OnlyOneShinobi may have started his day looking for gleambows when the timers reset themselves… because this morning Biitula was about 1min ish and now its like ummm no thanks I will gather oortstone from the dormants…

I have begun to feel like by continuing to try I’m endorsing this as a ‘fun’ challenge.

It’s not. It’s so far three days of frustration and increasing irritation, to the point where I’m angry about it. I went out, i want the loot. But now I’m just mad after this brieef session I’m closing boundless for a couple of hours.

Hit a planet with 38 sec timers and fail mid gleam-meteor. Chase three more out of about 5 that spawned and fail each time

I got timers at 54 seconds now but they’re spawning further away and behind me.

Finally another gleam one falls and imagine how happy I am to get there with barely one second on the timer…

After seeming to respond and lightening up on the timers early in the event this turnaround is no good.

TBH even if they jack them up again and the event still ends in a couple days I’m honestly going to remember this period of frustration as the primary memory of this event. I’ve literally gotten adrenaline fueled and now it’s turned sour so I’m adrenaline mad over something stupid.

Sure, my attitude is my problem but I’m not saying I feel justified or happy about it. I’m upset over the whole situation. Kudos to those that enjoy this sort of challenge I’m either going to have to sort out how I can ignore this event going on around me or just find something else to do for the next few days. I’m tired of the rollercoaster.

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Ok yea… I’m definitely seeing reduced timers. Nothing over 45s now. So the last 1min + timer must have been before the update.

But! i’m still getting there with 30s to spare. And it feels like many more are spawning now than before.


pending on the land area 30s is doable but there is some planets that you are really cutting it short by the time you get to the meteor. basically its a higher fail rate… especially when you have to run a fair distance and have obstacles in the way

I think you’re able to “ruin” a planet as @Apt and I did a bunch in Kol Huroo and pushed the timer to 10 seconds (maybe even less).

It landed then I got to it, what felt like a few seconds later and it was on 2 seconds.

I like the timers being short (mainly on high tier planets for more hardcore players) but perhaps have a cap on how short it can be? Like 20 seconds, 30 may be too long and become very easy

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I dunno…I got to where I was letting the lower level players have the Gleambows that I got to 1st on Merika…they were way behind and couldn’t keep up at all.

Sure it’s fine for us that are experienced, some of us have level 3 grapple guild buffs, max grapples, brews, etc…alot of them have none of that - including the needed skill points :woman_shrugging:t3:


I don’t know if those are falling right near you or what the situation is.

I mean, congratulations though. After the last couple days I feel I’m watching someone show off their 259 color gleam collection while I get hit with another mudball, lol.

I’ve been cooking all afternoon instead.

Yeh I agree but I think the difficulty should scale with planet tiers. Tier 3, easy for people who don’t have good gear. But tier 6+7 hardcore and have the rewards reflect that


That would be nice. On day one, that’s exactly what I did. I went to Norky and Houchus before I went anywhere else. I was surprised to see that people were getting the same 1.30 second timers on T3s. I thought that seemed a little short for them. Now it seems a little bit like a mess everywhere lol


Just makes it EXTREMELY unfair where player A enjoys the 1m plus timers then player B comes home from a hard day of work and wants to just relax and sees timers from 24s-30s ish… It’s like this even is punishing players come play later on in the day… These timers should be set to a fixed amount per tier.


I totally agree :+1:t3:


So far none of my friends nor I have been able to catch a single one. We’re all fairly new though (around level 35). We’re chased around a dozen, but sadly no game yet :confused:


today its not possible for me i give up

30meteor and nothing lol