Gleambow Event Timers for each planet

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After creating this discussion topic over the timer

I create this topic now, just only Post Planet and the meteor timer it has.
NOT more, no discussion herefor discussion see 2 lines before the topic

Malurialakrib @ 20secs

more not, hold the topic/post short as needed
It does not matter if the timer is so low because you or if you still find it with this timer

Delta 30 seconds

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galan 27 seconds

biitula 40 seconds as of 12:40pm eastern time

shedu tier 30 seconds

Grovidas Te 34 seconds

flan 32 seconds

Norkyna 64 seconds

Lamblis 68 seconds

Xa Frant 30 seconds

Serp 40 seconds

Norkyna 40 seconds with 8 player on planet

That was quick…it was one minute 4 seconds an hour ago

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Update on serp… had a couple fall at 24 seconds and some at 40 seconds… confused as all hell with this one lol


@wakeNbake wonder if he is demolishing the norky timer

Nope, I’ve been fast asleep so that one wasn’t me. I did do Galan and Cardass before bed though, trying to stick to the less popular planets from now on.


hope you managed to get that lvl 3

i’m right on top of it pretty much so yes

MalariaMcRib 24-28 seconds