Gleambow Event on Galan

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I make every day since start the event i got over 90% complete on all gleambow event meteor…

But at Galan I failed at 9 from 10 … 18 seconds direct after landing is nearly imposssible… I had lvl 1 and 2 gleambow meteors, I reached 1 meteor with 2 seconds left with much luck but all other i failed only still if they landing near me…

I had 1 Planet with over 7 minutes on the timer that was to easy… must have between around 1 and 2 minutes but 18 seconds is to less.

Or what you think ?


I was 1/5 on my last attempt on Delta. No way to get over cliffs and across water in less than 30 seconds. I might try a diff planet later. Meh.

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I’ve been hearing that the gleambow timers are determined by the last few triggers and if they were completed or not.
The previous player(s) hunting gleambows must have completed nearly every meteor. When a meteor gets missed then the timer on the next one gets extended.

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correct still if it near you need around 30 seconds, but most time meteors are not so near so minimum should be 1 minute

I make now 5 complete world (starts with 1-5 explored areas from 50 per world) and the timer was always the same per world and i got nearly every meteor. and some worlds has more and less population active during the hunt

I always like hanging out on Galan because so few people go there, so I also tried for gleambows there. I saw the same thing though, gleambows at 10sec or less :thinking:

I honestly figured someone just beat me to the punch, but it seemed odd with it being Galan.

Ill give it a try on Galan, to see if its only you or is the Galan itself so ill send some scrnshts :slight_smile:

good luck :wink:
i was alone during the complete time, I like the debug infos :wink:

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Nope, not you… its Galan, i just came in, got lucky with meteor (from someone elses spawn) dropped rly near me, got to it in 3-5 sec, 15 secs till the end… send this to devs, this needs to be fixed

EDIT: (didnt get the scrnshot since i rushed to take the gleam :stuck_out_tongue:

So now I wonder…are the timers tied to the person that triggers the meteor or are the tied to the region like a regular meteor?

If it’s just tied to the region,& if a hunt group blew through the area, the Gleambows are going to be on super short timers for awhile? So Gleambow hunters are messing w regular hunting and vise versa?


can you maybe make something before event ending ?

@majorvex groups and single player has the same time on meteor counter
Shedu Tier has 30 seconds, its very hard but possible with aoe totem and long range grapple with projectile speed

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Was just hunting on Shedu, i would like devs to see this too, it is harder and i like it, its all great, i love the challenge it gives, and its really fun, but what is the point?

What is the point of going the hard way when i can get the same thing on T3 planets with higher timers and easier terrain, and 0 reward for bringing up the difficulty… i’ve been hunting a lot 4 hrs a day we are talking and these are statistics i managed to get (yes i kept the track of it right because of this moment):
also im counting only the meteors i ran for, there was more spawning in the same time but i couldn’t go after another one that is totally different directions
T3 planet: Ceph Merika: 126 meteors spawned 103 caught
level 1 meteors around 80%
level 2 meteors around 15-17%
level 3 meteors ±3%
Timers varried since you guys did the hot fixes
but generally around 1 min 30 sec and 50 sec (not counting the 10 min ones)
and this is totally fine

T4 planet: Circa I : 79 meteors spawned 72 caught
level 1 meteors around 75%
level 2 meteors around 15%
level 3 meteors around 10% (6-7)
and this is fine too
Timers same as T3

T6 planet: Galan: 65 meteors 53 caught (7 lost today)
Now look at this:
level 1 around 75%
level 2 around 20%
level 3 around 5%
Timers i only know from the insane ones (5min plus) to today (20 sec or less)

These are the ones i hunted the most on… i have more of the others but the results are not much different

So tell me why would i, as a solo chaser, go on a T6 planet and try to chase out the gleambow meteors where i get the same amount of the blocks as on T3? Where is a difficulty x reward system?
I dont get the point of it being harder than… why, to make me suffer more? i dont get it at all…

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I think you’re suppose to get more oort on the higher tiers and they prob assume that mainly only groups do T6s and get higher tier Gleambows (kinda the same as reg meteors I guess) :woman_shrugging:t3:

I haven’t kept track of exactly how much, but I’ve gotten a ton of oort from Gleambows.

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I understand that, but the oort is not what anyone is after on this event… also its same for groups, why would i go as a group when i can get it all solo for myself… also if you hunt in group, i did few times, we went as 5 ppl i came in first once, and i couldnt just take most of it like some ppl do… im not a person like that i actually finished 40% of it killed the gleamtrunks and waited to see if others will catch to finish it, they did, but still if they didnt i would finish it and leave everything for them… still it wasnt rly much, i got the same amount of blocks as on T3 planet SOLO! so you see what im trying to understand here…

EDIT: Ye i got a ton too, but still i would rather give up the oort for more blocks than that…

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I badly need the oort, so I’m ok with that - it’s the same drop as the last event. What do you think they should replace the oort with?

I haven’t done a single Gleambow with a group yet, this time (hard lesson learned from last time). Just getting to the Gleambow is stressful enough lol.

I was getting short 90 second timers on T6s so I’ve been mainly doing T3s & some T5s. Not having great luck right now.

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Yes i understand the need of ppl who have lots of portals, thats why i wouldnt leave the oort out, i said that in rethoric way… i wouldnt replace it but i would reward ppl who go to higher tier planets to hunt, in every other game i played, lets get a simple example, LoL (League of Legends)
The ranking system you go up in divisions (its much harder) but also you get different and better rewards than gold division

Just for comparing
divisions go like this:

  • rewards next to the division
    -Iron nothing *they do but its nothing important or valuable
    -Bronze nothing
    -Silver nothing
    -Gold season skin for champion (exclusive) (border, like a mark showing their rank)
    -Platinum season skin and a ward skin
    -Diamond season skin, ward skin, icon , Chroma for the skin (color change)
    -Master etc.
    -Challenger and this one gets all of the above plus a jacket a backpack and some more things idk forgot cuz they are in top 100 ppl on the server

(ik its PvP game but still the rewarding systems should be the same)

You can thank me and the new timers they put in. I pushed alycon and galan down to roughly 45 second timers. This is what i’m talking about the timers are just too much. One person can make it impossible for 95% of the population to do them. For that I am sorry.


Than i guess im the one guilty for Delta lol

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Yall are doing fine…def not doing anything wrong.

To summarize every time a person completes a gleambow on a planet the next one has a shorter timer. each fail it gets longer (although im not sure it this is even working) They are just getting shorter and shorter since they “fixed” it.

Also its not your fault, it should not be like that, to that extreme measures… i get it all but still if one player is able to do it, and we thankfully (just in this case) have a small community, imagine if we had more people, imagine if we had 1000 players on the event, not a single planet would be huntable first 2 days…

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