GlitchWorld - At its End

This is not a drama post.

Extra Edit after thread was closed: The Devs reclaimed the plot in question on 29 June 2022. I expect the user who made the questioning plot/sign will try to move it to another location in our city. But this at least gives us hope.

Edit: We are moving onto greener pastures after months of no response from the developer team. Currently playing Minecraft with friends modeled after Boundless to allow multiple shapes. One day if we get a reply from the developer team, we may come back. But until then, our beacons will not be refueled, our portals will not be fueled, and I will not be checking things in game. If you had a portal to us, save your oort, close things down, use it on another active city.

Just letting folks know, for the time being most of our guild leaders are on a small hiatus. I am keeping portals fueled to major hubs, but at this time. we are sorta in a Hiatus status.

We have not quit, but would like to see some things done before we return. [Even pre updates. A simple response would be something.]


Great bunch of People. Hope you get back soon.

Till Then… Enjoy hiatus


Sorry to hear this, but totally understand it. :heart: GlitchWorld


We will be back. Just hoping to get an issue resolved. Until it’s resolved we’re taking a break. Those who break TOS are spoiling the game for others to play. And with 3+ months of no response on it, it has left us with no desire to be around it.

So-- we will return once the TOS breaker is dealt with.


Ye i know the feeling. I had same kinda issues In sochaltin… It came To a point Where i regened my base as the issue wasnt dealt even When i reported it etc. This was like half Year ago… And i think its still there

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Yeah I don’t wanna regen our city. We have peoples builds there that have died, or passed on. And putting 6,700 hours back into city building-- I’d rather not. Not just for a 3x3 plot.


@james @Leahlemoncakes Maybe something that you should look after morning coffee?


which morning? there’s many mornings in a year

please stand in the waiting cue, your number 666 :smirk:


~sprinkles a dash o’ drama:~

~lid falls off the drama shaker:~

I see what you did there…


Morning coffee my ■■■■. These imbeciles have far from moved on.

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Seems like a very petty reason not to play a game.


Love you guys!

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i totally agree

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Complete lack of support from the devs? Seems reasonable to me.

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Over a 3x3 plot. Build a wall around it nobody will notice its there.


Wouldn’t that put THEM in the wrong, then?
Sounds like the best option is to do what they did, as some form of protest, or to try to ignore the issue, which is not always easy.
As someone who has had a somewhat similar issues lasting for months with almost no help from devs, I can attest of how frustrating their situation might be.
Then again, I don’t know the details.

Agreed. Do the devs still answer to quarrels between players, nowadays, or do they simply ignore them, expecting players to deal with them on their own?
I’m under the impression they only answer to support issues, such as game-breaking bugs.


This particular issue is getting no support which I find odd, but given the state of the game not surprising. It’s a no win situation sadly… take a stand and not play or play and deal with a 3x3 plot.

Guessing here… the lack of players, the lack of dev support on this and some boredom probably has something to do wtih it.

I don’t find it petty … at some point when you don’t get a response in a game that always seems it is on life support … the continual lack of communication continues to make things worse.

I got my sovereign fixed in about a week, then again money was involved … the situation with Glitch World doesn’t involve money so its low on the priority list … if on it at all.


Glitch has a bunch of sovereigns and I’m sure several of the people taking a break will let their sovereigns lapse.

One day this will get noticed.

How are y’all liking elden ring so far? I’m only level 15 and haven’t beaten the first boss yet haha.


Lacks an in-game community :frowning:

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