Go fetch!

Pet thread!

Throwing suggestions out for future brainstorming since this is something a fair number of people are asking for. Feel free to discuss and add your own.

There’s want of both combat and non-combat pets. I think they should be able to do both, but only one pet at a time. Any additional pets would wait at home. Would be great if they could sit out or have a wander option. Limited radius of course.

Not sure how they’d help in combat. I’d prefer in a way they can’t die. Maybe just a pick-up pet or small attacks at targeted enemies.

My main focus is in non-combat though.

If these are pets that just sit at home, or if they’re the inactive ones while you have another out, they can be doing something useful. Fetching items. You could send them out, and based on their level they can bring you back random items of x quantity. Getting better items as they level (they could even gain exp through this). They would be out for a certain length of time, minutes, hours, depending on difficulty. They’d disappear from the planet when out to give the impression they’re gone instead of continuing to sit there or physically running around and lagging things up.

It’s a neat way to have a pet, level them, and even get items without being too activity stressful.

I also like the idea of an active pet helping you.
Or maybe it’s just a fancy show off pet. I’ve had experience with both so as long as there’s a nice variety of show-off pets I’m ok that route.

But if there’s only going to be a few, consider quality and make them useful.

Like one that has bloodhound senses and if shown an item, can sniff it out, then make a noise if within x blocks of it.

Or one that glows.

Or growls when an enemy is targeting you, or senses lava.

Or offers a buff.

Maybe it’s magnetic for pick ups.

Maybe it’s good at making certain items drop more while farming. (Sap!)

I’m gonna say an evil and say these special quality pets would make great cash shop stock. ducks thrown objects

Since–I’m assuming–there will be breeding when farming is introduced, maybe there can be a sort of small-scale pet breeding as well to get wacky colors or… something. That might be asking too much.

On the battle route… it could be a two birds/one stone thing with mounts, since that’s another thing I see being asked about.

Ride in screaming like an angry Viking on your <>, dismount and then the two of you just wreck that tier1 wildstock. Because it called you a noob.

(I still want a little shoulder pet though)

A pack mule to collect rock during my mining trips


It acts like a backpack! Love it!

Could have some pets that are always active, others are nocturnal or daytime pets. Could have pets that are somewhat OP in their role, such as a pet that may randomly turn you invisible for 5 seconds and clear all mob agro. Or it may also just merrily chirp at you as you get beaten to death by a wildstock.

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HA! I can see that.

I do like the agro clearing idea. Maybe if your health drops to a certain % it makes you invisible to mobs, or releases a pheromone so they calm, or stuns/blinds the mobs for a few seconds. Just enough for you to mad dash out, find a safe spot, or drink a brew

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