HELP! What is "new content"?

Storage epic let’s you have bigger inventory would be great


I would say content is adding in new things to game such as,

  • more decorative blocks/meshes
  • more creatures
  • making the variants of creatures standout more from the standard version
  • getting objects and things shown in dev blogs and dev art in the game

For me, new content is any update that gives players something new to do. This includes new blocks to farm or craft, new items, new systems, new creatures. Pretty much anything except balance changes, bug fixes and QoL improvements, and non-craftable cosmetic items.

The main thing I’d like to see is more things for groups to do together. Titans are the immediate and obvious answer, but non-combat group activities would be great and would really compliment the new guild system. I am also really looking forward to farming, which is already in the pipeline. Finally, some system that would make participating in the economy easier would be great. Having the economy be player driven is wonderful, but the result has been hundreds upon hundreds of shops that mostly buy and sell a seemingly random assortment of objects. Finding the object you want at the price you want, or being found by potential costumers takes way more effort than it is worth at present.

New content for me is a themed drop of content for example I would like to see…

Armor sets in the game that we can forge for different levels of protection and environmental protection.

Make things repairable each time you repair an item the durability falls by 25 percent.

Paintable armor, augments for armor,
Spark infused armor charge it for buffs built into the armor spark runs out then the armor looses its buffs till recharged.

Armor stands to show off your armor in home or in shop windows.

Spark tools used for the spark armor spark blade for the wrists for melee combat.

Dive suit for long journeys under water air tanks for the dive suit. With goggles, flippers, and mouth piece.

Gliders for those who want to live in the sky and glide over the world.

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Also, and “high end” players will scream bloody murder about this suggestion, but what this game needs is not “harder” content, just “more” content.

Like, drop 20 new block types that are T1-3 (IE: Stone-refined-decorative).

The new blocks look great, but I have been playing since PS4 launch and I have all of 26 shadow orbs. That’s it. Not even enough for a single mass craft of super enriched. I farmed for 90 minutes the other day and only came up with ten (and died twice along the way because I was using my gatherer. Stupid cuttles.)

These two threads come to mind and cover a lot.
Also, shameless plug:

Most new content suggestions that are important to me have already been mentioned, but I’m just gonna go ahead and reinforce that. :wink:

Farming is being worked on, so yay!


More creatures. Even ones that don’t fight. Maybe a little scurry critter. Maybe something uncommon I can feed that puts out a pheromone buff. Could be the “Boundless Bird Watching Club”

Mounts - I don’t care if I have to pull them out like a Pokemon, I just want em! Some games have used skills or instruments to “call” them

Something to go over water with-- hover skates, board, whatever. And maybe lava too if I’m being greedy.


What happened to this? They’re amazing!

Clothes and accessories-- even just adding one or two on a regular basis would be nice. Not quarterly, please. Maybe make it a skill and we can have tailors

Faces, looks, general ways to make my character stand out from everyone else

Hair!! Lol everything is so bald

Interactables–can I sit in that chair?


Plants, flowers, maybe botony skills? Flower arrangement to go with the decorations.

Fishing!! One of the best waste-away-your-day pastimes.

Hrm… Well, I’m sure I forgot plenty, but I’m also sure someone else mentioned it at some point. Also, those links.

Maybe an arena for those pvp’ers

Thank you so much for all your hard work and open-mindness!

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This whole thread is a good one.

To me “New Content” would mean something which added to the game meta.

It would not be something to just “do”, it would be something to play with; experiment; explore; unbind.

Chat and guilds are, to some extent. We don’t yet know how people will evolve these tools, though for the most part we have a good idea.

It would be something that people could utilise in creative ways the developers would not necessarily predict. It makes the sandbox more interesting and engaging.

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I haven’t seen this mentioned yet (probably has been but I overlooked it). My #1 desired feature is circuits / programmability. I.e., a Boundless version of redstone. I need sensor-controlled doors, secret doors, working castle drawbridges, choreographed firework launching systems, programmable led blocks, etc.

Understandably, it won’t be able to do things that undermine the mmo nature of Boundless – xp farms, mob farms, etc. Also it would need some kind of way to limit server resource usage to prevent lag machines and such. Perhaps some kind of consumable power source (perhaps spark or a new type of energy). I don’t care if it’s crazy expensive. Or each user gets some quota of cpu resources, or even making it consume cubits. There are plenty of options for preventing abuse.

It’s also an opportunity to improve on voxel programmability. Redstone was hastily designed and has a lot of problems. Boundless can do so much better.

Wow! I wasn’t here in 2017. These screenshots are beautiful! And yet there’s nothing special about the locations… very ordinary situations. Would love to see a look like this come back.


Lots of great ideas here. I wanted to add Character Progression. I put it in another thread.

Character Progression Suggestions

I just thought of this. We need some quick match deal where once we spent a good 100 hours you are ready to queue up a match of sorts and go for it. Anything you do in boundless takes times I would like to see something quick like that like mini games.

Oh! I’d like to add paintings!

Or an item to “snap shot” a scene to turn into wall art.

Is it too much to also ask for that to be tradable?
Some goooorgeous screenshots posted on the forums I’d like to cover my walls with! :heart_eyes:

I define new content on exactly what it sounds like – content that is new. Not a patch, not a reworking of something that already exists, something new in the game for us to do. That being said, I’ve been fairly content with what you guys have been releasing. However, I feel like I can agree with everyone else when I say I’ve been kind of running out of things to do.

As far as what I want to see come to Boundless, I feel like I want more events. They don’t have to always be large-scale like the Halloween and Oortmas events, but something that gets us moving. I haven’t played a whole lot of MMOs, but I feel like the ones I have played always have some sort of large-scale daily/weekly/biweekly event that gets people together and gives people something to do. These things don’t always even need to be created by you guys; based on everything I’ve seen on the forums, people have tons of ideas.

I feel like another thing I’d really like to see, that kind of goes along with that, is a way to bring the things like this that are already happening on discord, into the game. I feel like if I’m not constantly checking every guild’s discord server, I’m missing out on a lot of the event-type things players are doing in the game. I know my guild-mate has suggested quest boards in the past (Quest Boards (Player Driven)), and I feel like they could even be expanded to be message boards as well for the bigger things going on in the game.

Essentially, tl;dr, I want more things to do and more things that bring the community together.


Anything that keeps me from going to discord or reddit is a good thing.


wireless red stone and pants

one of the big steam forum complaints is there are only four mobs. adding a few more would really liven things up.


Yes, nothing frustrates me more than when I see a notice up in the trading area of sales, or giving away things and I know that someone is going to rush over and get them then sale them at a higher price.
There should be a limit, of course, the person would have to not be able to walk away, come back in a few seconds and get more, but still, if there is someone else waiting they can get some.

For my personal understanding of new content in this game.

New content means a patch can bring players experience brand new system or new game play style.

For example,

A re-work of skill system is new content, A farming system is new content, Guild system is new content.

New Blocks should not count as new contents in my opinion.
I think it can be consider as new feature instead of new contents.
If New blocks should be consider as new content only under one condition.
It has to be release as a big patch with different craft ways involve or a lot of new blocks in one patch.

Costume is not new content either.

Anything relate to art i feel its bonus good news for players.

This game currently the most serious issue is lack of end game contents.
Means after players reach level 50 (Max level), and with the ability to craft every recipe.

In current patch what’s most end game player’s daily life looks in following:

  1. Doing group hunt with other people
  2. Mining gems or gather other mats
  3. Start the forging system
  4. Building
  5. Running a big city or guild
  6. Waiting for the crafting time

Base on above’s list you will find out most things people already experience before lvl 50.
Only Forging system & Running a big city require the knowledge / level / gears for players.
At that moment you already done a lot of mining & hunting already.
And players lost their goal when they can craft & forge most powerful gears in the game.

The most important element current Boundless missing is “Player’s Identity” .
For other game i know, players may chasing the highest pvp ranking or crafting some legendary gears.
Those are the elements to make certain players looks special than others.
And this will become the goal for every players willing to spend their time to achieve.

This is the things i feel boundless really need to improve.
Bring some goals to the end game players.

In current boundless, you can achieve same thing by being a successful shop keeper / a large guild leader/ or a stunning art work designer. However, as you can see those elements can never be upgrade.
(In other MMORPG, it can be new dungeon, new meta build, New legendary gears.)

As result, i think bringing some elements to allow players to make their character special is really important.

  1. More Race involve

  2. Craftable Armor or Cloth
    ( I like to spend money or use cubit for costume, but it will be better to add some tradable armor or cloth as well)

  3. Taming & Breding & Mounting system. This game has a lot of well design monsters, and it will be cool we can ride those in the city we build. Or when group hunt we can ride the Wildstock or Spitter to fight

  4. Farming system, its a nice system to allow players choose different daily event instead of mining & hunting.

  5. Improving the wood relate mats, make people want to spend more time on wood near the end game.

  6. Dungeon & Titan

  7. More careful on doing balance.

Please don’t make those too “unique”.

Most MMORPG or Sand box game they have similar contents for reasons. It mean people can understand the content really fast.

Example in real life:
It will be like when you drive you see the red signal light you know you have to stop in any country.

Example in Boundless :
Skill set / settlement connection minimum plots requirements …etc
Those are very complicated for new players, even sometimes i need to think how to explain those well for new players to understand.

What I see as new content?
To me, adding changes to what we have, the recipes for tools, weapons is Not new content, it is just modifications of programing in the game.

New content is something that isn’t already in the game. Farming is a good example. Fishing would be great, it would give new item to get, provide a new food and recipes to make food.
There could be harder fish to get on higher level planets, something with teeth that could bite as you try to take it off the hook so you have to be careful. We Do Not need something that will attack us as we swim, especially on lower level planets, I can’t see new players liking that. I wouldn’t like that, there is too much water already.
Ruins, this planet was destroyed by the Titans. Where are the ruins, the remains of the people who lived here? We could find ruins above ground that could have treasures in crates we have to bust open, higher level planets would get better loot but a chance of getting them, rare, on lower levels would be nice. Items that could be seen as ornaments, statues, knickknacks type. We could sell them, set them out for decorations, or use them in recipes for other new items.
Dungeons, where prisoners were kept that could have items, food that is new and was preserved, some items of metal, even if made for the metals in the game would have something that could be sold.
And CLOTHES (emphasis). I am wearing a frigging diaper! And the top looks like what I put my daughter in when she was two and we took her to the pool. We should look like a female, breasts, hair that hangs down, sheesh, even looking like dreadlocks would be better than what we have now. Jewelry we could make and sale, male and female.
Something to do with the useless plants, the leaves from the trees and flint, I hate getting flint when I mine or hit boulders, I have 8 smart stacks and am starting to throw it away. More uses for it and tallow, and the plants leaves.

Most important, farming, fishing, ruins, clothes, completely new items to make, not changes in current items, that isn’t new content, just changing old, seen as a cop-out by many players. I’ve talked to players who have quit because of lack of new content.
New animals, totally different, some dangerous on higher level planets but not on levels 1 and 2 for new or lower level players. Looks like a pig, even a pig’s curled tail. Bacon ! ! ! Higher level planets can have tusks. Chickens with feathers ! Bird of Paradise. Weave the leaves from the trees into nets so we can catch them and the fish.

I can think of more but I have gone on enough. You probably won’t read it all, wouldn’t blame you. LOL


I want to be able to save a beaconed area and its contents. So there could be a few save slots that would update every so often with selected beacons, and even if your beacon expired, you wouldn’t lose your progress. You could deconstruct a beacon and redeploy it elsewhere, storage intact, or if your beacon had expired, it would vanish quickly so it could not be exploited. Unsaved beacons could still rot like normal. Placing the saved beacon could require clearing the plots of excess blocks before it would begin building.

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