Make a Wish!

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We’re celebrating our own slightly more uplifting take on Tōrō nagashi here in Little Japan, and we’re floating our own lanterns with a wish.

(Lighthouse was built by @treyvoni)

The rest of the Little Japan team are floating their lanterns later, but we plan to float dozens - so we’re here asking the community for your wishes. Make a wish and we’ll write it on one of our lanterns!

I’ve put out the first lantern, and here’s my wish;

Maybe the gods will answer my prayers? @jesshyland

Official Little Japan Megathread

I wish for this button to become enabled




I wish for more character races. :sparkling_heart:

And clothes.

(Sorry, two wishes, bc I am indecisive)


I wish for wearables!


I wish there were some really rare blocks to mine. Like 1000x more rare than gems. That would be so rewarding to mine one and show off.


I wish for PvP


I wish to there, but with more enhancement.


I wish for armor


I wish for rented/private planets


Question. What happens when the wish is granted. For example if window props are introduced do you change the lantern color or take it down?

But my wish is Non combat pets :relieved:


I wish you guys would continue coming up with awesome ideas, Little Japan is quickly becoming one of my fav places in all of boundless (dont write that on a lantern, just giving props).


We actually didn’t discuss it that far. At first we were simply going to put lanterns in the water, then @bludancingcows and @treyvoni suggested making wishes. Since there’s only a dozen active players in Little Japan, and we wanted a lot more lanterns, I decided to bring it to the community!

Changing the colour is a fun idea! I’ll see what the others think.

Thanks @uni3k. That means a lot. It was founded by @Brea and @Bento - I joined later. Then we had an influx of new members suddenly, so now we’re a rather large team. We’re all working hard to make the place as fun to visit as possible.

If you ever feel like settling, you can message either myself, @Brea or @Bento on the forums and we’ll free up some space for you (a huge amount of the land around us is plotted by @Brea and @Bento).

I didn’t quite understand this one. You’d like more enhancements?


I wish I could import friends not just in the beginning of the game


I wish for offline permissions granting and friending


You can @aaron5. Go to Character Select, then;


My wish is: “May we never run out of projects to do” :smiley:


I’d really like clothes, but specials and their uses are still really high up there for me! I wish for specials!


I wish for an easier way to move the master beacon whit a huge amount of plots attached



You even asked politely.