Make a Wish!

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Keep the wishes coming :slight_smile: more and more lanterns floating ashore


Looking majestic, @Brea. They really do look exactly as I pictured. Great work.

I’ll upload a better screenshot later that wasn’t taken on PotatoStation.


Hahah please do. That should be my wish “Please make water not look like this in ps4!”


i wish the awesome people off little japan came to instituti del arte intera and create a awesome build together as a team and win the contest :pray:


We just come down and build? I’m sure we could put something together when we have a spare moment!


I wish we had more decorations (Intractables too!) to put around our builds.


I wish for a real combat system.


I wish for titans!


yeah can be anything :smile:


I wish for more face options. :grin:

(I know they are coming, but grumpy face put’s me to the test every day.)

(A cardboard box to put on my head would also work … for a few days.)


I’m a member of Little Japan, but I wish for glass panes (although I recognize the issues and know it is unlikely given the constraints).

Otherwise, I wish for us all to have fun!


I wish… ADD Beards!


I wish for more players


I wish for pants!


I’l gladly wish the clothing wish for you fam.


Yes pleeeease!


All the current wishes are out on the lake!

If you haven’t made a wish yet, or would like to make another - post it here and we’ll add another lantern - or if you’re a forum lurker, and too shy to post; come down to Little Japan and head to the pergola on the pier. There will be someone there to float your lantern;


I wish for even more planets so I can collect ressources for Little Japan. I really enjoyed it, was fun


I wish to be able to plant trees when farming is added.


Thank you for the help! Oortian High’s Top floor was completed thanks to you and @Bento