Make a Wish!

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Like I said, anytime. I enjoyed doing it. Gave me a nice “quest” of sort.
Oh ■■■■… I called you a quest giver NPC :speak_no_evil:


I’ll build a giant gold exclamation point above her home.


! I think you may have stumbled across what could be an awesome “mask” for the cubit shop, too


Someone needs to add that on the wish lanterns :joy:


I wish for fireworks or sparkle bombs that make fun shapes in the sky, and snowball fights


I wish for mailboxes and/or guestbooks!


I 2nd this. Hard to keep in contact with contractors if you only know them in game


Well this one was announced today to be coming lolol


I wis Boundless had a offline mode/planet(s)


i wish for a blueprint mechanic for building stuff


Just added those two wishes to the lake!


You may end up not being able to see the lake through all the lanterns


There’s still a whole lot of lake, so keep those wishes coming!


I wish for more community builds to watch grow.


Little japan is pretty sweet. Been there a few times as it’s on my planet. :+1::+1:


I wish that boon removal solvents actually remove the boon from selection. Not get the same boon 3/4 times after removing it


Maybe consider moving wish lanterns from the water, into flying/airborne lanterns once they are granted!


Don’t tempt me, Frodo!

It’s bad enough swimming around the lake putting rafts together, nevermind constructing sky lanterns.

All the current wishes are out on the lake! Keep 'em coming.


oooooh but that is a MARVELOUS IDEA :boundless::heart:


Coin from meteor kills.