Make a Wish!

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Changing the color of the lanterns sounds cool it would be a great way to represent a wish that has been granted.


Seen a couple I thought of posted Pants!
Quests, real quests not objectives that gave coin.


All the wishes in the thread are out on the lake! I’ll post more more screenshots tomorrow (we’re currently working on the waterfront)


I wish for Automatic Vertical Transportation :slight_smile:

I think a small 1×2 or 2×2 elevator could be cool. Nothing over powered, reasonably mediocre speed. For those builds that are too tight for a decent looking staircase but not fitting for a portal.

I thought that they could be made with X amount of Machined Metal, 2 Grapples and some nails or bonding agent.

I’m not a fan of overly complicated item/feature suggestions but I’ve been sitting on this one for a while :smiley:

(loving the lanterns btw @Pseudonym84)


I’d love this. Staircases are the bane of my existence in Voxel based games. No matter how I design them and pretty them up, they always feel clumsy and boring.

To expand on your idea, and dream for a little while, wooden lifts could be just that, on a little pulley system. Stone lifts could be moving slabs, like something out of Indiana Jones. Metal lifts could be modern elevators, and Gem or Gleam lifts could be hover pads that carry the players momentum, so either a gentle fall or lift depending on what direction you’re moving.

Ah, alas - back to reality…

I’ll add your awesome wish to the lake @Ovis, thanks!


If your on ps4 just get the bucket mask. Lol it works for me


Ooh yeh thats a good idea, having the different tiers of elevators. I know what you mean with the staircases, because I usually find that a staircase has to be wider than 1 block, but also if its not against a wall it needs a railing, then making the railing match the staircases elevation… I’m just rarely satisfied with wat staircases I can produce :joy:

Awesome, thanks @Pseudonym84 :+1:


I wish that the 1 plot that is Blocking my Project gets removed after 9 weeks now ;/


I wish for a Waterbreathing Brew.

Some oceans look fun to explore, with extended oxygen.
ign: Senji.


Can I make another wish?

I wish to be able to float. Like with swimming rings maybe?


We’ve now got “That sinking feeling” quirk that adds 50% breath, its a start. Also @Mittekemuis maybe it needs a sister quirk “floats your boat” that makes you buoyant at the cost of 50% breath?


Would that not put you above water?


psh please, we’ve always been above water :wink:

i was thinking more along the lines of you dont need to hold down jump all the time, you default to “up” in water (as sinking feeling defaults to “down”). Wouldn’t make a huge difference except save some spacebar life for me, but would be convenient in hunts and a terrible negative when wanting to dive for gleam.


I’ll add this to the lake later on today, unless one of the others beat me to it!

You can make as many as you like @Mittekemuis! I had a similar idea to yours a while back when I was making dungeons for @Steggs101, @Scratchnwiff and @DanBeforeTime. I think I even mentioned them in a thread with @james for a little feedback on how to create some more interactive builds - either for sport, adventure, or simply for convenience.

Great suggestion. I’ll add it to the Little Lake later!


yeah seeing I want to build tall ships pretty soon that would definitely make my gameplay easier on my hands :smiley:
Thanks guys and I visited Little Japan today…It is lovely :heart:


All the current wishes are out on the lake!


I wish for Wildstock Hugz!!!


I wish for static plots! Sry had 2 wish’s…


I wish to not take forever to reply on ps4
Lol it takes so long compared to pc it’s like you say something there already gone :joy:


USB keyboards are compatible with ps4. That might help :slight_smile: doesn’t need to be a Sony keyboard or Playstation keyboard either.