Official Little Japan Megathread

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Kon’nichiwa! こんにちは!

Sit back, relax. Imagine yourself training among the disciplined warrior samurai, or taking a moonlit walk through the fallen sakura of the beautiful spring blossoms. This is the atmosphere we have been aiming to create in Little Japan, and with your help, we can make this dream a reality.


  • Little Japan is a Settlement on the planet Alder.
  • It is an oriental themed Settlement, both of Edo period Japan and modern day Japan.
  • While the theme is Japanese, similar eastern builds are acceptable, so long as they fit the aesthetic.
  • We have an active community, with many members.


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How do I find Little Japan?

Little Japan is located on Alder. You can reach us using the Clocktower Portal at Ultima HQ, or via the Portal Seekers Alder HUB.

How do I join?

Come on down! There’s always someone in Little Japan to talk to, and on the rare occasion that there isn’t, you can message either @Brea, @Bento, @Pseudonym84, @Unagi4me, @treyvoni or @bludancingcows for more information about the town.

Most of Little Japan is already plotted far out to the horizon, but there is land to settle on in the north. Alternatively, you can ask for a member of the town to free up a space for you.

I’m not a great builder. Can I still help out?

Yes! We’ll help you build. Not all of our members are expert builders, but we encourage them to build all the same. We’ll offer materials, tools, advice and critique - if you want it.

Alternatively you can join the members of our Settlement who hunt, forage and gather for our community projects. We honestly welcome all the help we can get!

Do you have a Discord Channel?

Yes, we do. We also have a forum group discussion, if that’s more to your liking. You can join our public Discord here:

Video Overview:

Special thanks to @Jiivita for taking the time to tour our Settlement!

Current Events:


Maybe a can get a portal here in the future.


Beautiful place. I need to come check it out in game when I get a chance


Big in japan


Just let us know the portal size so we can set it up :slight_smile:


So me and my friends (although one could argue that @Unagi4me is closer than a friend eh) joined up with the OG squad at Little Japan (@Bento @Brea and @Pseudonym84) a few weeks ago and I can totally speak to how welcoming and amazing they have been to us. They were excited that we wanted to come and build in their town and once we laid down a few small builds they started to build up the area around us and extended a road (and eventually a portal to get to @Unagi4me’s forge faster) and also gardens and other builds around the area we were in. It really improved the area.

When I came to them and said ‘Hey I want to make this giant lighthouse on a man-made island in the water, where should I put it?’ they weren’t like ‘uh well idk Trey…I’ve seen your platform you call a house so far…’ but were like that’s super cool, find a place you want and if it’s plot held we can free it up. (Midway through building the Udo Saki Light, I went back and built a tea house on my platform).

The coolest thing? The lighthouse was fun, but @Pseudonym84 does this crazy ‘weathering’ thing (he has some bamboo growing through the back of his house’s edging and it’s crumbling away, its one of my fav things about this town, that there are all these crazy details here and there and I feel like I’m seeing a new one every time I go around town) so I asked him if he could weather my lighthouse. He did such an amazing job, I’m so blown away by the ingenious minds at work. And even if you don’t want to give build permissions they are always willing to just offer advice on builds and details if you ask for it.

The other day we were all gathered on the roof of the Himeji Castle (@Bento’s build) and with some people who have just joined Little Japan and having a big planning meeting about where we want to town to spread next (Which is where we came up with where @Brea’s onsen would be and the future Tokyo City would be, @Brea did you take pics of that gathering?). Sometimes @Pseudonym84 just shouts ‘Hey everyone come down to _____’ and we go over and chat or vote about some color scheme or what leaves would look good.

(Really bad photo of us using our grapples to vote, I will put up more photos when I’m back on my computer and not my phone!)

This is just my experience, but I’m super excited to share what we’ve built, both in a town and a community, with the rest of Boundless. I hope you come by and visit, but I also hope that some of you want to stay.

Welcome home!


Can i pls open a portal there? I live in Maryx. I love the place


have visited a few times - very impressive and soul soothing surroundings you created there:heart_eyes:


@Tukmolako sure! I think thats a 2x1 portal size so theres some portals ready in the hub.

@boundmore thank you :slight_smile: i usually listen to Anime Instrumentals when building there… the Sakura trees and the Firefly effects you get in Alder really hits home


It would be a smally I’m a lone wolf out here now.


Ill try to figure out the problem with that portal placement lol… that was really wierd right? Ill see what i can do later @georgegroeg

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I finally got to visit your guys’ city! It was like pure eye candy of colors for me :smile: Especially that red tower! I’ll be sure to visit your planet often and see what new stuff you guys will be planning on!

But mainly i'll we there to take all your planet's bright lilac stone >:3c


High praise from the great @Nyuudles! Thanks, we all really appreciate the kind words.


Cool I’ll be on tonight. Going to have to go meteor hunting.

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Ok i think i figured it out. Stop by when you get a chance

2x1s always open facing north/south. The two you have on the east side will turn sideways too when theyre opened too.

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Yeah it’s weird, but the portal you create the token with has to be facing N/S or they will go sideways. The receiving portal can face any direction though. This goes for 1x2s and 1x3s.


Can move mine (DBX hub) to the east/west wall and free up some more space on the south side for 2x1s if it helps. Let me know and ill drop past and grab a new token

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Over the next week or so we’ll be building the Tokyo Subway in the Shibuya area, with a train station acting as a new portal HUB, so we’ll have a lot more room for portals.


Nice! looking forward to seeing what you guys come up with