What would entice players to still Play?

everyone is welcome to discuss -

but as title says, what do you think would bring in more players? Here is my own list

  • Private servers! (i was so hyped to hear about this, 1 year >18 months ago, where are they???)
  • More Starter Planets (this honestly is a big thing (for me and a few others i am sure) we need MORE starter planets, Storis II and Angel I are filling up fast! Lasagnia or w/e AUs is called, no one wants it because it looks practically barren)
  • more in-depth info (concerning help with skill sets and etc - other things us older players take for granted… Look at the newbie today joining the game… its enough to overwhelm Einstein!)
  • More creature variety for sure!

I will not elaborate any of these becasue these issues are well known already

What would make this game more fun for you/what would make others want to play it?

  • Fixing footfall generation
  • Fixing economy
  • Fixing beacons and plotting

For the start. Then:

  • giving developed and experienced players a reason to still keep building/amassing wealth

Atm it is - in fact - a single player sandbox game on mmo servers.


Server stability. Amazon servers are cheap trash, like 80% of the merchandise on amazon.


What is broken here?


The one thing I would suggest is getting a new trailer. I can’t stand the PS4 trailer and I honestly never would have bought the game if I had only the trailer to go by. I had friends who played and actually bought the game for me… I ended up absolutely LOVING this game. I could have easily been a missed opportunity.

Jiivita has an intro on his live streams… it’s perfect. Every time I see it, I think “This is how the trailer should be”…


Raid Levels. Work as a team to defeat a dungeon, pirate ship, castle, etc. Some pre-built, pre-structured activities and levels would give this game sooooo much more replay-ability. It would also encourge teamwork.


I am still relatively new so not seeing a massive issue for me so far. Still play, still levelling up, still discovering things.

I’d love a sightseeing log for example if there were ruins of sort. Like find this ruined oortian temple/factory and get exp or something from it. It’d give explorers something to do.
For a community based game, there is little to as a big group. Meteors can be done by 2-3 people easily, even soloed. I’d say a group regular event generated by the game would be quite good. Maybe expeditions to find things together or something would attract more people


There’s two big things keeping me from loading up the game when I scroll over my list.

The first is just a bug – the auto swing/place bug. Right now the only thing I feel really motivated to do is work on my giant tree home but this bug is making it an extremely tedious and annoying project. It also makes exploring dangerous so I need to stick to the kiddie zones.

Second is my major turn off in Boundless, which is the death penalty being really harsh. Would much rather it be a timed debuff instead of flat exp loss.

Enticements are:
Farming, which is being worked on

Pets. To put it in perspective, I own 4 cats, a ferret, and a hamster. This number was actually a few critters higher a year ago, so yes, give me my furry family!! :laughing:

Mounts, or a neat way to travel. Like a hoverboard. Or paraglider. This is more for fun factor.

Character variety. I’d reeeeally like to see different races, but this also includes looks in general, and clothing, assesories. Can my char’s default look be to smile, or a smirk for the cheekier players?
I’ve also come to the conclusion someone on the team has a thing against hair. So far the only living creature that has hair is one wildstock tier. Someone jelly of another’s Fabio-worthy locks of lusciousness?

( I’m patient for changes and additions. That’s what I got my GC for. :blush: )



Heck yes.

Oh heck yeah!


end game content.
Feasible tank / dps and support(healer) builds. [this may already be a thing I am certainly in the process of turning my forger into a tanky healer with bombs, give out revive potions to the group whilst reviving players as they down. It would be cool to have totem of some sort, potentially from an augment?

I know some of this is in the works, just is this my thought process in what I would see as a very fun time, giving roles as the worlds get harder. Guild & team play being a vital part of what makes this flourish.

Not really interested in seeing que’s for groups , nor instances you zone into for raids, but maybe another world event that happens on certain worlds during the right weather conditions?

This game has so much potential I believe guilds should have Arena’s and be able to PVP amongst themselves or do tournaments against other guilds. This aspect with how tightly the programming is to pull this game together would make for some absolutely amazing pvp action.

Also maybe PVP could be a higher end world where things are very hostile around you and its one big FFA. Guild halls could also be a thing here, if enemies came and broke you down (can’t steal materials when you break) things will just regen over time / with a bomb.

Just things i’ve thought about while grinding for countless hours on boundless, mostly crafting. The GF and I play together, she’s the gatherer im the crafter/forger.



Edited beyond this point:

The only other MMO I’ve cared to put much time into was wow back in beta +10 ish years off and on.
I never thought I would be playing another MMO but here I am, I don’t want to play wow… I want to play boundless, bring those updates on. The dev’s are killing it with this game.



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No , I know that we have that. I already do this but should have specified more. One that you could place on the wrong to help sustain heals of some sort or do a buff to ppl close by. Or dmg?

While were on the totem subject, how long do you have to be playing to be able to craft the wayfarer totem?

Since early access, was a backer thing. Don’t know which level backer tho…

As far as I could tell as long as your account was flagged as an early backer you could craft it from the very moment it was put into the game.

It’s basically a universal all-in-one Titanium tier tool.

I think it was Wayfarer and higher backer level.

This could help fill in that void that pro-pvp’ers are asking for.
It’s been brought up a couple times for designated areas, or a new planet that’s all PvP, but I never wanna see it in the current wild. Others, myself included, want nothing to do with it.


In this game, it should always be 100% opt in. And this is coming from someone who loves pvp.

In other MMOs, I would tell the person to join a PvP server.


Private planets where I can lower the grind and actually be able to rebalance so it do not gather and craft for 4 hours to build for 20 minutes.


200 new planets would help. Then people can explore, discover and exploit.


Stop making it so easy. There should be grinds, there should be complicated things you have to do in order to stay relevant.

I dont like the idea of private planets. It pushes people away from the actual game planets thats already starting to get low population problems.

And we need end game content or more content in general.
Titans, Hunter, Farming, maybe types of dungeons.