What would entice players to still Play?


Agreed. Nobody would miss the Death Penalty if it was gone. Nobody would post, “IT’S BEEN 2 WEEKS WHEN IS THE DEATH PENALTY COMING BACK??”


To me this question is a bit vague. Is the question directed to the players that are not playing anymore, or the ones that are bored atm but still here?

I ask because I don’t need motivation to sign in and build stuff. Or motivation to go grind spitter eyes to make my compounds to forge some stuff.


Hi James and gang. I have not made a meaningful post in some time because this place was toxic for a while. Although I lurk often. Anyways, it is striking me that players are just not getting together enough. There is still a game populous but it’s very scattered and I think most of them are playing their own solo campaign inside an MMO. Everyone on pc has to use discord premades to communicate verbally. Why is there still no voice chat for pc? We need to have a constant chatter going. We need more incentive to use the text chat also. We also need group content other than hunting. I am not a shooter style player but I have lasted a LONG time and bore through it since I love you devs and the idea of this game at full potential. We need more Chisel Town-like events and more group builds which are orchestrated and overseen by the devs. I think then others would see this game as a massively multi and come on over.

Think I am being too obtuse? Here is a pic of me shouting in a great city this afternoon with no response for over 30 minutes.


Definitely this. When I saw the PS4 launch trailer it looked lo-res. I didn’t realise how nice it looked from the trailer. It was once I checked it out on YouTube that I saw how good it looked.


I’m actually becoming jaded to the idea of let those who are not into this genre and style to get bored and move on, and just do more advertising to get the people like myself and the others that are still here every day loving the game to join and grow that way. Our guild is strong and still growing with players who could never get bored of this game. I’m not interested in changing the games meta to try to convince player that are flaky to this genre to stay.

This game can’t be for everyone. Let it be what it is. Those who truly like this style never leave anyway.


Maybe treat it as what would keep you playing. List the things you like and think they’ve done a good job on.


Continuous improvement keeps games going though.
I understand what you’re saying, but they have to keep from getting stale too.
Some of the top games are constantly adding, changing and improving.

It’s good business. And we’re giving feedback to help with that.


@Creegle , I agree that there is quite a spread of players. Which is fine. But I feel like it’s time to really start thinking of things other than meteor hunts to bring players into events. All Boundless has currently for any form of grouping with benefits is only a falling meteor. Once we get those Titans will be a huge booster. But it is time to really start pushing those goals.


I have been reading all the comments and i have to agree (even though every of my incarnations i have been builder/explorer/miner etc -) i have yet to even bother to reach the higher levels/end game… because there is just nothing to work towards after ~level 20 - so yes, what about those dungeon planets? what about those closed PvP planets? what about the titans and etc et al (which were promised to still be a thing?)

Not having a go, just saying i agree :slight_smile:


Yep. But I will add once you get higher levels, there is no feeling like the one you get blasting through a t6 planet with a top tier aoe gem hammer filling your inventory quickly. Or standing there on a meteor laughing at the spitters/wildstocks/cuttles when their attacks are bouncing off you. One can even sit down in the middle of them and watch them attacking you while you eat a sandwich.


Just if they are connected to the entire network, because the real strength in Boundless is the MMO sense, go wherever you want, make portals, visit other players creations.
Yes, there must be restrictions, private servers should not have the possibility to change drop chances or values of environment.

I am more into content on existing worlds, because there is enough space out there right now.
Also, they should not give us more premade content, beside Monstervariety, they should give us more possibilities to create things.
Eventbased Automation, more detailled rights and especially a system to make playermade content with such as follow :

I can imagine to create special dungeon beacons + plots, with them you can create a public dungeons for other player. Eventbased actions should be included, like a lever or other trigger to open doors or activating a “Meteor”-like fight event.
One very positive effect will be, the player have something to do, creating intersting dungeons - more profit with footfall later.
The game would go forward to more diversity for showed portals - not just Hubs and Shops.
Dicovering other playermade dungeons would be fun tho.


i was interested in private servers becaus eeven though play pop sucks (always has) it will still give me a chance to work on some ideas (what to do in the main universe) a place to traing in other fields without wasting time on the real server but also a plcae to go and chill if i ever want to


Imagine a Lair (instanced), with nothing but diferent types of hunters stalking the Oortian group like the Alien movies. Great soundtrack needed.


Test server


fair point i guess :slight_smile: anyway, i don’t want to get into a conversation (here) let’s leave it for what it is intended :slight_smile:
But as i say, fair point, but will we ever lose the test server (once the game is… complete? - well it already IS complete, its in official release, anything James and team do now is 100% optional) we have now done everything which allows this game to be feature complete for full release - we will still work on the game afterwards

But my overall point with the private server comment is honestly for James and team to say oh, we completely forgot about those… we haven’t mentioned anything in a while, here is what we are doing with that side of things…


I will agree with this and say I do find it odd that people in this game are resorting to Discord for most of their chat. The other MMOs I play don’t. I can see where Discord really handy for tournaments, FPS, & other genres though.

I think they said Universe chat with a few channels is coming soon…I think that will be really good.


Wayfarer tier, the one above mine (Adventurer), if I recall correctly.



my previous comment was deleted (by me) because i took it out of context but this is one heavy negative… one main reason people are so quiet in game and etc is because discord is the main communication device for one main reason … we don’t have voice chat


My bro was an old minecrafter. Total builder type. When he ran out of plots he found little reason to log back in.


Clarification: I meant Discord in general…mainly text chat. I’m used to avoiding voice chat in games, for obvious reasons. Maybe I’ll try it later, who knows.

I think the Universe chat will be awesome. :+1::sunglasses: