What would entice players to still Play?


my response was aimed at those people who think Discord is the best next thing no voice chat in game, let’s use discord… want to join my guild? you have to use discord etc almost as if they hold a gun to your head lol


I wouldn’t mind in game VOIP if it was actually good. Most games online games that have it isn’t good.

The reason why Discord is preferred so much is because it’s a low latency VOIP software that is 100% free to use and doesn’t have necessary functionality behind a paywall. It also is a useful tool for guilds when there are people who aren’t on at the same time to give them a place to talk about things. Discord is accessible with a smart device where as in game VOIP and text chat isn’t. Another advantage to Discord.

Also, now days it’s difficult to not be able to afford a microphone for Discord. Don’t have a head set or microphone on a stand? Use your phone since Discord has a phone app.

Even for games that have VOIP, such as Rainbow Six: Siege, people still use Discord. Why? Because it’s better the majority of the time.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of online gaming communities went from Ventrello/TeamSpeak to Discord because it’s free and it’s easier to set things up for chat and text channels. It looks cleaner and better too. It’s also way more secure for a VOIP software than anything else on the market that I’ve seen.

This is something I see happening in Boundless if it got a VOIP: people would use it for a while and those that turn it off in game will just continue using Discord. More and more people would start using Discord and not the in game VOIP. It’s happened so many times in online games.

Not saying this game shouldn’t have it but it would be useful for those who don’t want to use Discord. I just don’t see a point in using something different when there’s already a proven option available for free that doesn’t take development time away from actual important features that need to be developed over something that’s novelty.

But what do I know, right? :man_shrugging:


just saying not everyone WANTS to use it and no one SHOULD use it unless THEY want to use it :wink:


When I run across players I haven’t met my fist “Say” or “Shout” is always:

“Sorry for the slow PS4 controller typing”


Everyone has been real cool about it but I really should go get a USB keyboard


MMO’s are never complete.


I think before we all need to talk about VoIP, we should ask the developer, why they never implemented a working chatsystem, where you can receive PMs from Friends no matter on which Planet you are.
I never understood it from beginning, why someone want to create an MMO, when the player can’t talk to each other.
Alone for this reason you need another program, such like Discord, when you want to farm on a high planet for a while but you still want to communicate with the people you got known in Boundless.


I think pushing for titans over some of the other things mentioned on the website and other comments by Wonderstruck depends on your perspective. As someone that does not like pvp or hunting, titans are of no particular interest to me. I will agree that there are a number of players that are looking forward to titans and some of the other creatures mentioned in the past. But to assume that this will draw everyone back is probably to true. to Be perfectly frank, the more the game focuses on combat, the less interested I become. I bought and backed the game to build and explore. I did not buy it to have it become a combat game where I needed armor to get through the day.


People are going to clear cut the Titan content in one week, and be bored again.

Or you’ll have people buy the game and think the Titan fights are going to be on par with a AAA PS4 action adventure game, and realize it isn’t anywhere near as good, and downvote the game. Combat is laggy, buggy, the AI in monsters is lacking, they definitely shouldn’t develop Titan content, they haven’t even polished the current combat.

Time-limited worlds, dungeons, and challenges have far more replayability and actually fit with the theme of the game.


I do have a question for you and others putting this out there. Why dungeons? To the best of may recollection the developers have never mentioned dungeons. Why do so many people think these should and will happen? I do understand time limited worlds from an exploration and resource gathering perspective. Challenges and quests I also understand as those could be used as a coin source, although again, I know I have mentioned them as well as others but have developers mentioned quests?


Many times someone will start to say something to me in game as I’m getting ready to go through a portal, then I just see a blank chant icon. I have no idea who was talking to me or what they said. :frowning: Sometimes I run back though the portal and do a world shout so they can talk to me.


Reasons to explore, find treasure, avoid traps, etc. Simpler than massive Titan fights, and easier to make procedurally generated.


I play several MMOs and a lot of them have dungeons, bosses, etc. I think people are saying it as a suggestion…I haven’t seen it in any BL promos either. Not 100% certain tho, maybe I missed it?


Ok, I can understand even if that is of no interest to me, but have the developers ever mentioned adding dungeons? I do know James is keen on the temporary world idea and maybe that is similar enough to accomplish the sample thing for players.


The blank chats are emotes w/ Gleam Club colored chat. It’s a known bug that once you add color to your chat, your emotes become blank in chat.


Thank you for the info. I always felt bad when I saw it lol


No, I haven’t seen any mention of dungeons by them.

I’m not sure if they legally have to deliver on “Titans” but I can’t imagine very many people care at this point, nor do I think it’s worth the development time.


Dungeons get brought up under player suggestions a lot, whether they’re called dungeons or not. Player made dungeon builds were also suggested a time or two.


For me its about 2 direction.

  1. MMORPG’s direction can be something like Dungeon / World boss / class system / More weapons
  2. Sand Box direction can be Farm system / Taming system / Mounting system / Computer AI (Allow you to build the auto transfer item systems.) / more food & Brew

Others will be like issue fixing

  1. Settlement merging issue & Re-balance Prestige system.
  2. Market broken issue
  3. Forge system re-balance
    (But please, don’t make ingredients more complicated… just need to nerf those lvl 7 - 10 boon effect.)

For me, boundless has a lot of possibilities.
So Devs really just need to create the frame and systems, the reset of gameplays just let players use their imagination. I believe devs didn’t expect portal seeker’s portal network come out at first place either.

When we have such great system like portals, players will come out a lot of great idea to make this game more fun.

Also, please be more careful on balance.
Since the Sept, a lot of balance really didn’t improve anything.

Bomb mining removing - people get more gems
Forge ingredients change - experienced still get same amount of gems as before
Prestige value change - entire prestige system acting like crazy
Crafting time increase - Really don’t understand what this want us to do. Build more set of power coils ? How about i just want one in my work shop -_-

So lets compare for current patch to the patch when the one game just released.

  1. Which patch get more gems / hour ? Current patch
  2. Which market price is more reasonable Old patch
  3. Which forge method is easier for players to understand ? Old patch
    (Right now i really feel i am doing some math homework -_-)
    Above other things i mentions, any result changes ?
    No …

So whats the points to keep doing the balance wont’ affect any result -_-
or make things even worse.
Those will be my suggestion after all.


Kal-El, why dungeons? Because it adds replayability for a lot of folks. If they’re player made then it allows players to create large detailed dungeons that have lore and story behind it. We don’t have books at all but imagine how books could be written by players that are a couple dozen pages long that allow individuals to visit libraries, read something about a dungeon, then find that dungeon later on and go through it knowing there’s some sort of story behind it. A sense of adventure to explore the depths of something that was created either by a pre-fab dungeon spawning in a new world or a player creating that dungeon from scratch and designing it through their own creative imagination.

The thing with Titans are they won’t be large enough to be considered a dungeon in traditional sense and hardly would be a raid. I do think they will be work taking down over and over because of the crafting materials that would most likely only appear from them, such as stuff Protectors drop, Titan Core, Titan Blocks, etc. (complete guesses)

Whether or not you like pvp or interested in combat related content is kind of irrelevant. We need the additional content of all kinds to make the game more full, vibrate and alive to attract as many players as possible.

If people have less content to play through to break up their play sessions in Boundless, the more often they will get bored. People stop playing video games when the game continues to be boring; which is some of the explanation I think of why dungeons, particularly player made ones, are such a sought after content suggestion.

I am actually spending the next few days writing up a long list of ideas of stuff that could help this game out. Some of it is PvE, some is PvP, some helps gathering, some helps builders, etc. The point is to inject as much fresh content into the game so that players have more than enough things to do each time they play so they avoid getting bored or burned out.

Honestly I think the lack of content is far more important to fix than balance. But I am not the one in charge of that decision. :man_shrugging:


Death Penalty

I have characters I simply do not play now as they have the penalty on them.
If I continue to get the penalty at higher levels it will end up I won’t log in to be honest.

I rolled a new character over the weekend and did die at level 12 I think and it took all of 5 minutes to remove the penalty through playing as opposed to literally hours and hours at mid 40’s. Makes no sense at all and certainly a game killer for me.

No reason for this penalty at all or at least have a time limit on it so we can log out to wait it out.