What would entice players to still Play?


Never once has this death penalty upset me. It’s not hard to make 20k experience. There has to be /some/ penalty for dying. It was plain silly to damage all of our tools, and I am so thankful that we no longer suffer that. If you don’t like the death penalty, how would you suggest it be changed? There have been many cases made against the timed debuff.


I think we both agree that the game needs more content. I would also agree that lack of content may be more damaging to the game than some of the balance issues. We might disagree on what the content should be, but that is probably due to the way we as individuals want to play the game. I do understand your point about player made dungeons creating replayability for a decent percentage of the players. I think anything that makes player builds have a purpose is probably a good thing. We need them to be more than workshops, stores or storage facilities. I do wonder if the developers even have creating items so players can make dungeons in their development plan?


think the things the dev’s gonna add like they always do gonna make game more fun :smiley:


I feel this way too. I’ve tried twice now to coordinate community building events. A mansion we all build a room in and a time capsule we bury for a year. Both events were advertised on the forums and the discord heavily but overall had poor turnout. Maybe less than ten ppl each. I’ve seen other events go this way as well. Themed build contests that only a couple ppl show up for.

It’s discouraged me from trying again for a while tbh. I don’t think the other players want to participate in these sorts of light-touch events. So I am focusing on personal builds and utilitarian builds atm.

I don’t know what we as players could do to change this. As you say it may take devs running community events to get ppl off their butts. The dev hunts are always a huge turnout.


I somewhat agree with this, but you didn’t really specify details on what needs to be changed, as @james mentioned.

Footfall generation is obvious, the change is already in the works and will probably be fixed next update.

Fixing economy? I honestly don’t think it needs fixing, unless you’re referring to something specific.

Fixing beacons and plotting will most likely be coming in the next update if you weren’t aware already.

Fixing endgame is a big one honestly and hits me the hardest. Of course it’s a sandbox MMO so there’s always something to do, but I feel there is no endgame material yet. It is somehow the deepest and shallowest MMO at the same time. We have so many cool mechanics, biomes, colors, cities, and more but when you really break it down the only thing you can do after you’ve got your city, hit level 50, and crafted power coils and tools is make a shop to make more money with.
You can tell that an endgame was planned (ex: Blink, Darkmatter, Rift, Titans, etc.) even from the content unfinished in-game or hinted on the forums. That gives me enough hope that we will get some kind of update that addresses it in the future some time (and was obvious from the Trello development board).


I’m not going into details, because it’d take to much time do describe my view just to let it sink under dozens of other posts. I’m not a native english speaker. Most of the issues I’ve mentioned are being worked on.

Then again, it’s just my opinion, anyone else can have a different one.


It’s long, can skip to conclusion of you like, but I’ll just touch on it here as well.

WoW had a pretty decent way to give a punishment without feeling like you’re being shot in the knee.
It would actually work similar to how we go back here. In WoW you ghost spawn at an angel and can either go back (a distance away) as a ghost to your corpse and come back with a steep health drop. Either get your health back up right away, run, or die again with a longer (stacking) wait for respawn.
Or you could choose to respawn at the angel and go home with a timed debuff. Maybe 50%/25% stam/hp, I don’t know.

In Boundless this could be the choice we make at the sanctum.

Thing is, yes it was worse, but this is still keeping ppl from playing.
I’ve had less of a problem loosing all my items.
For a game that’s supposed to be rated for 7+ yrs that’s brutal. Kids die often. Just for fun.
I really don’t see many kids playing this game. My own daughter has zero interest.
As it is, it’s more T for Teen, but certain labels get different funding and I’m not sure if that is a factor here.


That’s because you’re one of the rich ones :wink:
Just ignore the economy posts :stuck_out_tongue:
The fix we need is for players like me that struggle to afford to buy an unforged tool… we need more coin for the non-shop/hub owners.


Quote " Economy? I honestly don’t think it needs fixing, unless you’re referring to something specific" end quote

@ctrl-64 said what I was thinking, because you are one of the rich ones.

I may be a high level, but I don’t have a lot of coins, so I have to be careful of what I spend it on. That limits me in the tools I get. Just now getting to where I can make silver tools, never had enough coins to buy silver so couldn’t make them.
But many suffer from lack of coins for various reasons, don’t know the ins and out mainly because, surprisingly to some here, not every player visits the community. Some will never visit them. My son refuses to visit forums, he goes they are toxic and when I was pissed off a while back was going I told you so, stay away from them
Point I am making, Susie Q and Billy Bob don’t know that having a base close to a town or where a portal is located will give you footfall, they struggle with videos that tell you to go and collect items and sell them at the shops. But, you have to search all over to find a shop that will give you a price and that is a long time. They don’t have the coins the older players have.
I’m not going to climb on my soapbox again, but older players, or those who have a way to make a lot of money need to stop seeing if from their side and maybe start a alt and play from scratch and not use any tricks to level fast, just build a small base, go and get the items you need, mine for copper, coal, chop down trees for sap wood tolls till you level up to using stone then after a time use the iron tools. Use a copper slingbow for a few days, just a plain ole copper weapon, go and try to sell items and see how hard it is to make coins. Walk in the shoes of a new player.

I’m not whining or complaining, or wanting pity. To me, it is a fact of life, I learned a long time ago to accept my situation in life and I know it will affect how I play. I accept, gracefully, that what many can do by level 20 it will take me to level 30 or higher to do, some I will never be able to do.
I am now at level 42 and am making my food items as it has taken me this long to collect some needed items, coins to buy what I can’t get on my own. Because of the health issues I deal with, I can’t go to planets higher than level 2 on my own, my son knows how I play and helps me to survive them, but he is playing other games right now.
The market is flooded with leaves, yams, wood and rocks that no one wants to buy.

Only someone who can make and sell the high priced tools, weapons and coils thinks the economy is fine.


It has been asked why dungeons and others that weren’t in the plan? I honestly don’t know what was planned in the beginning. I’m going by what I played in some games that I found fun and a break from the normal game playing. In Sims 3 I had World Adventures, I enjoyed searching the tombs, pyramids for treasures, figuring out the traps, fire, spikes, fall traps. Avoiding the mummy’s whose touch would give you the curse and you would die without the cure. Same with the zombies in the game from another expansion pack.
In 7 days to die (played with zombies off) I enjoyed exploring and looking through the ruins of the builds from the destructions of a major war, WW III (?). Looking for med kits, food, tools I could use, guests of go to this location and dip up the treasure I buried there. Would I find gems or weapons? Would it be medical supplies or ammo? It was at times fun to do the quests. I ain’t going to no wasteland, there be evil dogs and landmines, LOL

I have mentioned ruins, buildings that look nothing like what we know from real life, that can have in a room you have bust down walls to get to, cross a dangerous area to get to that loot box you can see. It has a glow to it that says it has loot in it.

Search a maze to find items, some even at the end of the false path and get to the center to get a great treasure.
This adds some challenge as you can’t chop down the brushes or climb over them, you have to figure out the maze.
Devs can use their imagination to create tests, quests for players to do to have a break from the routine of hunt, gather, craft, build and then repeat it.

We need ways to break the monotony from our daily grinding, to give a chance to have some different fun and a way for players to earn coins.

just my two cents worth.


Lots of assumptions happening here. First of all, I said “Unless you’re referring to something specific.” This is something specific.

Furthermore, If you consider an average income of ~8500c per week (with footfall included) to be “one of the rich ones,” then to whatever jurisdiction that word may suffice, you’re right; however I believe I am low-middle class even when not considering just shopkeepers.

I have been a new player many times. I have been a new player before release on Solum. I have been a new player on release day (because everything was wiped), and I have been a new player on current release when the average player count was ~200. I am not naive to the economy or the hustle of progression without coin. I make all my product from scratch.

I’ll admit request baskets are harder to come by because of the lower amount of players stocking them, but that does not make coin hard to obtain. There are only three ways to make coin, and here they are ranked by difficulty from hardest to easiest: Feats and Objectives, Request baskets, Shop stands.

The point I think needs most addressing:

The forums are here for a reason. If you don’t want to visit the forums or discord, you will be at an immediate disadvantage. This is an MMO, not a single player game. We are a community that sticks together. The game has a dedicated page that goes straight to the Forums and Discord. If you don’t seek help, you won’t get help, end of story.

P.S. @ctrl-64 : You just generously gave me three of your plots in a high-traffic city area. Even without selling items that would give you plenty of expendable income to use from footfall. Struggling to buy an unforged tool of what level? If I were you I would either A. Make your own completely from scratch or B. Buy the materials for the tool so that it is super-duper cheap to make (if you’re lazy and have a tiny bit of coin to use).

All of that said, if you need any help feel free to reach out on the Discord for quick responses to questions. There is also a plethora of info under the #questions channel on the pinned messages. You can do all of that without interacting with anyone too, if that’s what you’re worried about.


Well, that is a lot more than I am making, so that would be pretty good to me. I just set up a shop to get some coins from what I am making. I got in the past three days around 500 coins. Add to that the around 300 coins footfall and in a week I might make just over 1000c.
I’m not so much as picking at you but at the attitude I have seen here of screw the little people, as long as I get my income from my products and footfall that is their problem. Many players don’t have a lot of time to play, so they don’t want to spend it running around for three or four hours to sell the fibrous and inky leaves, the yams and sap for one coin each. And many request baskets may have the items in them, but when you go to sell them the amount is 0 to give you.
Nor do they have hours to play the game, may have jobs, families, school, lives and they may have only a couple hours a week on the weekend to play.
Unable to work, I can and do spend sometimes a total of 9 hours playing a day or at night.

You and I are as different as day and night. you go that is there problem and I go that could be me, how can I help them. I read online reviews, ask questions here, watch videos, search past discussion topics. I don’t have a problem in finding information. Players who have lives, jobs, families, commitments Do Not have the time to do that looking up if info. How Can I help them to be able to enjoy the game more? See that they can find the coins they have to have for what they need to make the tools, weapons.

I’m not going to get into a pissing contest as to who is right or who is wrong, we both have the right to our opinions, of how we see situations.
Just don’t tick me off with the stupid asinine remark that “maybe this game isn’t for you” that someone else make in another discussion.
I’m in a lot of pain, I sound grumpy. I’m going to go and play Boundless.


I am kind of against voice in game. maybe itll work for guilds. But I have kids that frequent my gaming room. and i dont want to hear someone blasting f bombs and blaring music that my 4 and 9 year olds shouldnt be hearing. I listen to it, not really a problem with me. but think about what that has caused on other games and the amount of trolling it will cause for younger players


I think you’re trying to make it that way.

Here’s what I said at the end of my post, as it seems like you’re disregarding it

I am a full time college student with a part time job, a girlfriend, and two pets. This is all coming full circle back to my point:

Nobody has to be right, but I want to clarify one thing: If you’re struggling with anything, find help in the community. You will receive it.

You say you’re in a lot of pain, well I hope you feel better.


heh yea, for a few reasons… basically I’m struggling to get to the point where i can forge decent items which is what I was going to sell, and I would have stayed there but the shop I want to design requires a large sign which wouldn’t fit into the plots I had in that space. I suppose I could have made this spot into just a connection point to my main shop location but if I started fuelling portals now I would run out of shards and I don’t hunt meteors. (defending myself while resource gathering is time consuming enough) all I’ve been able to sell is iron axes and stone chisels.
Oh, and I would only ever get 3k coin max any time I gathered my footfall (3k only after several days) and that doesn’t even pay for one gem hammer.

I do.
or at least, I’ve just now gotten to the point where i can make my own gem tools. but i’m not using them lol. the very few that i can make (only one or two mass crafts of sapphire and topaz) I plan to forge and sell, and now to make any more i need to go chop wood (that I don’t need) to get bark (which I need insane amounts of) on a tier 6 planet so I need to play for about another week chisel grinding so i can afford the axe that will let me do so.
most of the time i don’t even have enough coin to buy enough materials to mass craft, especially bark.
so, I use iron tools mostly.
before I run out of iron hammers i always make sure i go out and collect enough iron for a smart stack otherwise i’m screwed and it’s as if i have to start like a noob all over again with my totem


ooh! I know what would help A LOT, (trying to get back to thread topic)
being able to put logs or timber into a machine, and get BARK out of it!


Yes 1000000%. I don’t care what the ratio is, I hate getting bark. Just like we have the starberry recipe for syrup now, we should have a bark recipe from logs! slaps heart button 10000x


I just want to say I /adore/ the idea of toggle-able, localized voice chat. I do a mean Gollum impression, and I want to make a Gollum character and lurk around people’s homes using his voice. >:)


I wanted to participate in the mansion build but I had severely underestimated the labor intensity of the build I was working on by a couple weeks :frowning:

I would log on, hoping today’s the day I’ll finish, and then nope! There just wasn’t enough Me to go around.


Less server connection issues