What would entice players to still Play?


I can agree to that, yesterday I was having it constantly telling me that I was having issues. It wasn’t on my part, that I know. This is the only game I have problems with. And generally, I don’t have much. Guess a busy day yesterday. For me, another day, for some, the day before going back to work, so I guess they wanted to get that last bit of fun in.


Why does there need to be a penalty ?
What is wrong with simply running back to corpse [like WOW] for example. The only characters it really affects are the ones playing to level up. At max level the penalty has less affect on your gameplay.
I just refuse to play for half xp and so having to do twice as much digging or killing for no reason at all.

The penalty if it really needs to stay should scale or be timed.
I see no reason for not having it timed. As I refuse to play level 40 characters that get debuffed then all that may ultimately happen is end up with all characters at 40 and debuffed and I log out for good. Not sure how that benefits the game to be honest and I am sure there are others with the same mind as myself.

The penalty is a very common topic that seems to be disliked by the majority.


For the love of oort, give us craftable armor. I’m tired of being forced to use brews and food to survive high tier worlds.

Some sort of random loot drops. If it wasn’t for needing oort shards, I’d avoid all combat. Combat isn’t fun.

Before we get any kind of titans or dungeons…or any other combat related events/content, combat needs overhauled. Combat right now is as much luck as anything. We H2H weapons, get rid of the latency, the armor as mentioned above, augments that can be removed and replaced with others as needed, etc. More critter variety as well.

And LOTS more things to craft, more refined wood and stone designs, more brick designs, more metal designs, adobe, concrete, roof shingles etc. More furniture…that you can actually sit in. Craftable clothes and accessories. More craftable decorations. Poles that center in the squares so we can build poles and decorations. Fences.

Looking forward to gardening. Hopefully we can plant new trees and splice them to get new colors.

Crafting, crafting, crafting.


Minecarts and pistons
Raid bosses
High value decoration crafting to use all those gems and metals


I have seen few builds which actually attempt to take full advantage of the game’s capabilities. There’s a lot of pixel art where there should be sculpture. I think a lot of people are just too lazy to play this game properly.


I guess another thing would be mounts, or crafted machinery to get around.

Rocket packs or boots to fly? Higher tier end crafting things. ?


We’re getting vehicles at some point so I think having mounts, such as riding a Wildstock, would be a little redundant and unnecessary. Although I think the idea of animal taming fits perfectly fine with the whole Farming feature we’re getting in a few weeks.

The thing with Boundless is the content and stuff we can craft in the game mostly need to fit a sci-fi theme. It’s why we don’t have magic or anything of the sort you’d normally find in a fantasy RPG. It still baffles me why we don’t have firearms and yet have some strange hybrid of a crossbow and sling shot for the main weapon along with bombs you would throw like some sort of grenade.

The thing though is with crafting there needs to be a mixture of low, middle, and high end stuff that’s introduced. Can’t have all the fun stuff at the end of the game to craft. Need some fun stuff at the beginning and middle tier of play. That way it keeps players hooked and feel like they’re progressing through crafting as they level up their main and alts.

We don’t have that smooth feeling progression curve right now. It’s rough and bumpy but in time it will smooth things out as more stuff to craft, build, and collect is introduced. It’ll just take time for it to be sorted out.


All nice and all, if you’re on PC. Having 2 devices that output audio is just not something that I like so I would prefer in-game VOIP over discord since I’m absolutely not going to use it…

I don’t want to use discord, unless Sony implements an app for it for the PS4. There’s also a perfectly fine VOIP for PS4 users, excellent quality, doubtless that discord is better than that and it allows me to use 1 headset for both game audio and voice chat. Why would I want to use another voice chat when there’s already a proven option available that doesn’t cost the user any money and doesn’t take development time away from important features?

See how that works? Not everyone is on PC, not everyone is in the same situation and/or plays in the same way not even on PC (I know plenty of PC players who game on TV for instance). Having an in-game voice chat would allow us to communicate more easily, not using it would be rather silly because you would limit youself to only half the user base…


I don’t play on consoles. Of course PS4 players need a VOIP. One that gives them all the settings they need and with a push to talk button. A lot of good it’s going to do when you run up to someone though that has it turned off in game cause they use Discord.

And also, at minimum half the players that will play this game I probably will never talk to anyways so I am okay with not talking to them. We have text chat for that.

I think you’re pointing something out though is that console players are use to having their own VOIP this entire time while PC players have had multiple options for eons. So I think that’s why I didn’t remember that PS4 has a VOIP.

Stuck in the mindset of a PC player and all.


haha, it happens. Would be rather cool tho if Sony would just add Discord support, ah well…


Yeah it would. Consoles are basically budget outdated PCs for their components so it wouldn’t necessarily be hard for them to implement it on the back end. There’s probably some legal stuff behind it though but Sony is a big company, Discord and Sony could easily work something out. Just comes down to how much money is exchanging hands.


Not sure if this has been pointed out, but this is a LONG thread full of long posts which mostly seem to be discussing Discord.

I just had a look at cheevo data. Less than half of all players on Steam ever make it out of the Sanctum.
Of those that do, more than half of them manage to make it through a portal.
Half of those that make it to portal travel hit level 20.

All seems pretty legit except to me the very first part of the game needs a LOT of work, as far too many players are leaving WELL before they have a chance to become engaged.
And I don’t think that would have much to do with the trailer having features that aren’t in game, or a lack of in game voice chat etc.


Were you on boundless when your death meant the equipment you had on took a hit to its durability? THAT was harsh lol. My slings didnt last long on hunts I can tell you.


I think it would benefit new players to know abount hunts ASAP, where to go and the discord channel etc. it would let them level up faster and be able to earn coin and keep them engaged.


The new chat channels coming up might help more players join hunts


I’ve been following a new Boundless player on YouTube call Yilis, watching him play may give the devs or anyone else who is interested, an insight into a new players experience into the world of Boundless, saying hi will also give him some encouragement to keep on playing and discovering what the game is all about! :slight_smile:


It doesn’t really bother me but is a death XP penalty necessary?

For example if I see a meteor fall I kind of expect 7-9 oort. But if i die and go back when it’s dormant I usually get 1 Oort. So that is already a penalty.

Also, I’ve died many times falling while building tall structures. I think it’s pretty funny but I could see some players getting frustrated losing out on XP afterwards


Some form of death penalty is unfortunately necessary to provide a sense of danger and value for life. Imagine if there was no death penalty, soon we would have complaints like “why do cuttletrunks even do damage, all the death penalty does is cost me 10 seconds of portaling?” Similar to how alts circumvent so many game systems but are now normalized to the point where players complain about the time it takes to switch characters.

Past there being a penalty though it doesn’t have to be an xp penalty or even touch the xp system at all. I think it’s a good area to penalize just because it’s a trope in games and players are used to the concept. It’s better than a lot of other penalties like making us drop our loot or penalizing durability.

The calculation for XP penalty seems off though. It scales with character level, but it should really scale with ways to earn XP. A level 50 character has like 10x the XP penalty of a low level char, but can’t earn XP 10x as quick as the low level char. Maybe only 2-3 times as quick. I’m fudging all this math in lieu of actual analysis but those ratios don’t add up. The goal should be a static penalty for death across all players. The rest of the game systems are already accounting for the risk/reward balance of the content progression so there’s no need for death penalty to further increase the risk of only the high level activities.

Something else they could consider is adjusting the penalty based on how and where you died. Died to fall damage in your own beacon? That can be a minor death penalty. Died to an Elite Wildstock during a meteor? That can be a mega death penalty. And everything in between.


I really enjoy building in this game and would really appreciate more decoration items to craft and place. I am in the middle of a break from this game because I got a bit burnt out on grinding materials because there aren’t enough interior design options to keep me really focused on building a cool settlement/city.


Player builds need to be more discoverable. Atlas needs heavy improvement. Game needs to be more social.

What I mean is that currently it’s impossible to easily figure out what is there to see, in game where all your efforts ultimately result in a build to show off, nobody can easily discover it. Atlas should be able to help with that. Players should be able to do screenshots and post them so they show up on atlas, like google maps/earth. There we should be able to comment and rate players’ builds. Beside helping us to discover what “content” there is in game, since we are creating content, it would also motivate players to actually invest time into building something awesome.
Atlas is currently a nice toy, helps a bit but it’s really basic. We need to be able to open map as in any other game and scroll through it, not just be fixed on one point. If I want to remember some nice location I have to record it in completely separate menu that is in no way connected to atlas. Map should show other players’ builds if they choose so. Also maybe screenshots of nice places made by players, it could be great way to find nice place to start a build without having to run around for hours.
When I’m not into building/grinding I love to check out what is there in the universe, and it’s a chore, and you won’t ever be able to find all the cool looking builds and even then you won’t be able to interact with the owner.
With rating system and comments we could have weekly/monthly/yearly build leaderboard with some nice prizes for the best ones.
And so on…