Goo and the new fuels

What does everyone here think of how goo and the new fuel crops work?

Worth it? Not worth it? Meh? What?

I myself love the idea of goo! Dye the blocks myself in the colour I want!
But getting 1 spray can of a certain colour isn’t that easy. Not saying it should be, I am perfectly fine how the whole system works.
I just can’t stomach the idea tho that all this work mean I can dye only 1 block per can!

This is what I don’t like about it! If it was 50 it would be attractive to go to all the trouble. Heck the amount of time and energy needed to spend on it means prices of them will be on the high side and 50 blocks would mean it becomes more worth it to potential customers.

I would love to know from the devs if there are plans of re-balancing this in the (near) future! Until then I have my ‘To Dye For’ shop idea stashed away in the back of my head…

The fuels.

On paper they are fantastic! Fast spark generation and faster cooking times in furnace. But if you think about it, it’s way easier to add more furnaces and cook the same amount in the same time…

It doesn’t seem that worthwhile to me. Tho recently someone said that it’s basically free coal that you grow and perhaps I need to look at it like that, just some additional fuel I don’t need to gather again and can just harvest when needed…

Here too I would like to know if there are any dev plans of finding more interesting uses for the new fuels! Perhaps a new machine that needs them?

Heck minter coils needs all 3 lucent gems, pigment processor needs rift, which machines will need blink and umbris??

What does the rest of you think of the inorganic crops as they are now?


I was most excited for the goo farming until the actual system was put on testing. It seems like a lot of work and guess work for very little dye in return. And the possibility of losing goo for no reason other than RNG…

I think the new fuels make interesting building blocks, but the crop return so far means I will never use them as fuel.


Goo could definitely do with a boost in terms of spray cans, 1 for 1 is pretty rubbish considering how many blocks we all use. My goo farm is more of a hobby for now.

Kindling mass is really bad for max seed return, 110% with zero % of crop plus they take way too long to grow … these too will only be hobby farms for the foreseeable future if this is how they are intended to be.


I love the inorganics, best part of farming to me. But i agree 100% that the returns seem a bit low for me. Idk about 50 sprays per can, 10 would be good for me. For now I just stockpile them for fun

This. It’s fun to harvest and see the random mutations. But at this rate I won’t be able to actually paint anything substantial for probably another month. And my farm is fairly large for a solo farmer

I agree here as well. I’d rather stick to hard coal and use the combustion/kindling for building blocks. So i’m not mad at these returns as much.


I love the goo. I wouldn’t hate a small increase in efficiency, but honestly I’m about to complete a couple of commissions on getting specific colors, just under a smart stack of each, and it will have only taken me about 20 days of focus to complete. Keep in mind that each of these colors basically required gleambow event colors of gleam, which were in small supply, and the target colors were on the extreme bounds of the pallette, AND I was starting with basically 0 pigment when I began. My next commissions should be much easier to complete, especially if I’m able to spend some of the income on more colors of gleam I need.

The fact that it’s time consuming and hard reflects that it’s a late game mechanic and it ensures that only the most dedicated will be able to build supplies that provide the ability to make money.

This is a picture from about 12 days ago, and I’ve since basically doubled the amount of pigment I have.



PS: The biggest thing that could help my goo farming endeavors would be another gleambow event! A few of the colors I need to be the most efficient, regardless of the color I’m trying to make, are in super low supply. I only have 1 of one of the colors.


I viewed spray paint as a purely fun thing, but sadly, it doesn’t work that way in the game.

Spray paint doesn’t have any effect on weapons, doesn’t give you any abilities, and doesn’t change the prestige of blocks. Therefore, why can’t we make a zillion of them and just have fun with it? We need fun stuff. That’s why people keep asking for pets, cars, tracks, clothes, species alternatives…

Look how much people love the seasonal events - even though the items are all zero prestige decor/gift items. We need more items like this that are just for fun…to help off-set all of the hard, frustrating, RNG, material-heavy items/functions. Otherwise, everything just feels like a job that never pays off.

Things that expire, wilt, or wear out constantly make the game frustrating and it feels like you’re losing progress. It’s like playing an old game where there is no save point. You have to keep doing everything over and over. No one likes to play that way. Not everyone is a masochist lol


Nice collection. Mine looks similar but some i only have less than 10 of. Feels kind of like collecting pokemon :joy:. Im halfway done with setting up my morphing level to target any color as well. (With the help of your spreadsheet :smile:)


I’m not touching my goo setups for now. Not until it’s possible to have a setup with at least 100% seed yield. When that happens, then I’ll be back into it.

As for the fuels, I haven’t used one yet. I’m still in the process of making enough Combustion Fraction to make the special glowy coal blocks that the kindling mass requires for a near-bonus.
Then I’ll use them, for sure. Not there yet, though. ^^’


You had a typo in your comment, I fixed it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go back to self-flagellating.


I was gonna mention the decorative crops as well. Really wish they wouldnt wilt if I spray them at least once a week. Though no spray at all would be better

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I will say, I like that the crops wither. I haven’t spent a lot of time on them, but too much of this game is already super static. It doesn’t feel alive. The fact that you have to keep up your cool prestige flower garden means that it’s more of a living game. It’s not enough to completely dispel the feeling of unchanging in the Boundless universe, but I hope more mechanics move in that direction.


It would be nice if the fertilizers gave a boost to output (goo, inorganics, organics) and size (decorative)…
instead of time. I wasn’t expecting the RNG to be time.


I would also like to add the option to spray anything. Foliage, flowers, growth, soil, etc. Waiting on exo colors can take years at this rate.


Inorganics are awesome. They cut the cost of a mass craft of compact hard coal way down AND give higher returns…very nice!

Really helps maximizing your fuel.

Yeah, honestly painting more things WOULD be a great boon. I’m not sure how I feel about spraying plants and grass, but tinting sands would be a huge help. Though I also advocate highly for fabric blocks, some with very low profile textures, to replace the uses of sand as a backlit color pop. If those were introduced, and were tintable, then I’d be fine with the current list of paintable things.

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They do need to do some picking through the boogers. Stick them to the drawing board and work out a good consistent method.

I had to, couldn’t help myself


Would love if more things were able to be painted, whether it’s soil and stuff like that or crafted metal things etc. (Go dye a stone furnace and tell me you wouldn’t like to do that with titanium!)

On the amount of sprays in cans, I don’t know. It seems weird having one spray, but since they stack and everything it’s not so bad? Certainly in real life, a can of whipped cream only has one spray. What? You say I ate too much whipped cream? Preposterous! cough Anyway, I wouldn’t be against more spray/pigment per goo but it’d be less necessary, imo, if more things could be painted in the first place.

Haven’t done anything with fuels so far so can’t comment on that.

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I would love to have some more goo pigments from farming in any form, better yield or sprays all for it^^
But I think I get the intended thought process behind the current system:
Think about it in the way of metrics, we all grow goo and its endgame to have unnatural colors. When we go forward in time the amount of unatural colored blocks ingame will inevitably increase to a point where it will be easier to buy colors than to make new ones.

We will pretty much fill up the need at some point, doing it more grindy than not feels like the way to go, if we would want to stretch out the lifespan of this new feature for endgamers. If the farming got a boost the end would be reached quicker and maybe eliminate the purpose of having it all together.

Despite my own wants, I vote for no change to it at this point, keeping in mind that we are able to mix match colors to get better amounts of sprays in the colors we want.

TL;DR: Increasing the yield will reduce the rarity and thus the value of this endgame feature.

The new “fuels” are new block types not fuels currently imo though :3

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Yeah this, making compact hard coal with just 5 pieces instead of 10 is quite significant! it is however a PITA to get enough kindling as stated above… I’ve just about got my fraction setup ready to go from seed to product farming, but kindling is still a ways off