Goodbye from Portal Seekers

While I understand and respect the decision to close the portals, I’m not ok with reclaiming the hubs. :angry:
Alot of them look really good and are very iconic to the world they belong to, esp the higher planet level ones T3+


PS Houchus Hub is Owned by me so I’ll be re-purposing it as Cookie Kingdoms Personal Hub it won’t be reclaimed (^-^)


Well I for one think that people can take over the hubs if they have the means to.


The problem we have run into is a logistical one. The people that built and provided the materials for the hubs are not the same people who have the plots holding them.

To simplify the process, we are reclaiming some hubs if not owned by the creator so we can return to them their materials.

In some cases, those materials may be the start of their next building project.

If the person owns the hub and owns the materials used to make it, then it will not likely be reclaimed and you can reach out to them if they want to trade it :heart:


I love history and I hate to see any part of this history the community has diminish. If any group of people want to get together and save this or parts of this and need someone else please let me know. If anyone wants to build any hubs to replace the ones going away please reach out.

I hate to see things go, but at times change is good… but preserving anything I can … I would gladly assist,.

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Awww sad to see you guys go. I wish you guys well in your journey and hope to see you guys around once in a while. :heart:


Definitely wish you all the best that are staying around. You helped provide a great service to the game for a long while. For those leaving on break or perm - it was a pleasure knowing you.

I do ask that if there are hubs you have that ARE not reclaiming and will still be offering portal connections that someone list it here so people know ahead of time. I assume it would be those ones that are owned and built by the same person – but most of us don’t know which those are.

So maybe you could at least list any that might be staying so people know if they need to move their portals since some connections are still nice…


Sorry to hear that you guys have decided to depart :heart:

All of us from KREE wish you all the best and hope that you find enjoyment in what ever comes next for the members.

And we thank you all for the many years of service and support to the community.


First network I used. Best wishes and game on!


shame to see it go! thanks for everything,thanks for providing such an awesome portal network to the community!! forever love you guys! :heart:


Are the big shopping hubs on lamblis and Grov going? That would be unfortunate for the owners who built their shops around them

Sorry to see you go.

I feel for you. The endless thankless grind of fueling portals and changing signs and filling shop stands with portal tokens.


PS was the first network I used as well from my stumbling around on Sorissi to my sov link on Bitula.

Hope for nothing but the best for those who stay in game.


Wow. Portal Seekers and Boundless are hand-in-hand in my mind. Gonna be weird not having that network around any longer…

Thanks for being an amazing network from the beginning. I hope the players who were in charge of the network find more enjoyment in the game now. :heart:


There is not much activity around the hubs anymore. It was mostly desertic. And for Grovidias Te it was owned mostly by me and fallon and Guild member builds.

It’s very sad to see this, but I really appreciate the hard work and contribution that PS has done for the community. Have fun building and exploring and enjoy other parts of Boundless :heart:


Can I take over the network? How does it cost to fuel.

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It is a sad day. Must have been a difficult decision to make.

The PS Management did a wonderful work maintaining the network and provided a great service to the boundless community.

Thank you PS :heart:

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Sad to see it go. Ps has always been my go to network. After EA I knew that if I were going to enjoy the game I would have to not run a hub line. Ea was hard enough. With all the world’s now it must be insane!
You are legends!


So who wants to build a Memorial build for PS in Cookie Kingdom Boop